Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wishlist: Valentine's Day

So let's just pretend that I have a boyfriend. If he were to take me out on a super romantic dinner for Valentine's Day, this is definitely what I would want to wear! I love the strawberry colored dress with the mint accessories so much! It isn't the cliche bright red outfit, but instead it's got some fun colors that are both romantic and fun at the same time. And I am obsessed with that purse. Isn't the big bow on front just gorgeous?

Even though I don't have anyone taking me out tomorrow, maybe I'll still dress up a little with some Valentine's Day spirit. I don't need a man to have fun on such a romantic holiday! I can feel good about myself while looking good. And I can pop in one of my Valentine's Day movies and eat some delicious chocolate. Sounds like a perfectly good time to me :)

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