Monday, February 4, 2013

Loving the Little Things

Finally getting into the routine of school, I have some pretty hectic days Monday though Thursday. It seems like between classes, clubs, and homework, I get caught up in everything that the little things in life seem to catch me by surprise. Today, my best friend from home called and left a voice mail and it made me just feel so happy. That got me thinking about all of the other little things that made me happy when I least expect it. Who knew such tiny little things in your life can completely turn your day around? 

I've got quite a week ahead of me, so I just have to remember to keep my head up. Hopefully I'll have some nice quality time with the new scarf I'm working on or be able to squeeze in some time to watch a movie that's on my to-watch list. Either way, taking time to just enjoy the day is a must to stay sane as a college student. Hopefully you guys have a good week too! 

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