Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goals

It's finally April! I feel like March would just not end and I would never see Spring. Seriously, it was snowing yesterday morning. And there was an insane snow storm just last week that almost canceled classes. What's wrong with you, Ohio? But the sun has finally decided to come out and it's getting warmer, which is a positive sign that Spring is moving in. Thank goodness! The winter weather was putting me in a bad mood and April is supposed to be a happy, sunny month. 

For this oh-so-lovely month, I've got a couple of things I really want to accomplish that I've been meaning to ever since 2013 started. I would absolutely love to start writing the book I've had in my head for years, so hopefully that can actually happen this month. I've been working on my Chevron afghan for MONTHS and I'm determined to see it finished before May rolls around. Then, I've got a bunch of shows, books, and movies I want to get through (as always...). 

As April starts, that means my trip to London gets closer and closer! Seriously, there are less than 50 days until I'm on a flight across the pond! Woo hoo! I couldn't be more excited, but with the departure getting closer, I have to crack down on planning what I want to do and how my budget will work out. Some serious research is up ahead for me. 

As always, baking has made its way onto my goal list. I was able to make a bunch of fun stuff in March, like Red Velvet Cupcakes, Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies, and my very first batch of maracons. I'm hoping April will hold even more exciting adventures in the kitchen. 

Overall, I have super high expectations for this month. I've got a ton I want to get done and I am expecting a very warm, sunny month to keep my spirits high while completing this list. As the last month in the semester, I really need to focus on staying positive. Here's to hoping for an amazing April :)


  1. Your coming to London? I can't believe I didn't know this already. Let me know if you'd like any advice/ knowhow on England and London
    Kate xx

  2. LONDON! It's fantastically beautiful and lovely, you must visit Liberty's upstairs sewing department as a crafty girl, you'll really appreciate it. Count me in for the obsessing over Game of Thrones. I just watched Episode 1 of Season 3 and already can't wait for the next episode!

    I'll try and share my Red Velvet cupcake recipe on my blog some time in the next week or so (i'll link you when i do), it's a bit on the odd side (vinegar?) but it is DELICIOUS!



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