Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wardrobe Wishlist: Tea for Two

The weather has become absolutely gorgeous since around Saturday afternoon and I'm loving every second of it. With this warm weather, all I want to do is wear dresses and have a little picnic with the light breeze keeping me cool under the warm sun. Doesn't that sound like paradise? 

A tea part would be so much fun to have in this weather, so I couldn't help but pick out the perfect outfit for that occasion. I love the florals and lighter, pastel colors for this season. And don't you just adore that tea pot pin? It's so cute and perfect for a tea party. 

Jane Austen is my hero and I'd love to be able to spend an afternoon reading The Jane Austen Handbook while sipping on a cup of tea. Getting lost in the wonderful world of Jane Austen while wearing an adorable floral dress and just feeling fabulous? Sounds good to me :)


  1. Just planning a little afternoon tea outing so a beautiful floral dress is just the ticket. Hopefully the sun shines on us.
    Kate xx

  2. That pin is adorable, and I love those shoes!! My grandmother gave me an old bracelet just like that, but I love it - mostly because it's been in the family for years, but also because it's really pretty.
    When you come to England later this year, make sure you go and have afternoon tea in the countryside. It's beautiful down in the south of England! :)

    1. Absolutely agree! You have to sample a cream tea in the sunshine x

    2. Definitely! (If summer ever comes! - It feels like it has been winter for 6 months now!!) :) x

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