Saturday, September 29, 2012

Craft Corner: Crocheted Bows

I absolutely adore Meredith's blog One Sheepish Girl. The other day she reviewed a crochet book called Crochet Botique and shared a Small Bow Pin pattern for free! Her post was so awesome and I was so excited to try out the adorable little bow! 

I am so obsessed with these adorable pins! I wore one yesterday and everybody kept on commenting on how cute it was! Wearing one of these little guys is the perfect way to express how crafty I am and show off my crochet skills :) And I can't stop making them! They're super easy to make and take absolutely no time at all. Haha, I'm going to end up with a million of these before I know it. They're going to be perfect little gifts for my friends' upcoming birthdays and Christmas! And now it's time to go make some more of these to add to my collection ;)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's FRIDAY!!!!!! Ahhh I've been waiting for this day all week because it's finally the weekend! And it's almost October!!! Mmmm my favorite time of year has finally arrived and I can't wait for it to start :) And now that it's October, that means we're closer to Thanksgiving, which means we're closer to Christmas! Yay!! Haha, you could say I'm in a good mood :) So here's everything that's been making me smile even more this week! 

1) How cute are these button cookies?? I am so trying these out when I get the chance! They're perfect for crafters like me :)

2) I love these Harry Potter pencils so much! Where can I get them, because they'd be perfect for school!

3) My animal ring obsession just about died when I saw this elephant ring! He's sooooo adorable! 

4) I want these Disney sweaters so bad! Every. Single. One. They're just too cute to pass up! 

5) I would absolutely love to host a Book Exchange Party! That is such a brilliant idea for book lovers :)

6) HARRY POTTER RINGS!!!!! I am so obsessed with these, it's not even funny. I need to find where these are from and get one ASAP! 

7) This pumpkin bundt cake is so perfect for fall. And I bet it tastes delicious too! 

8) I love this little cozy nook so much. I could imagine cuddling up with a book and staying here all day and night. The lights are just perfect too! 

9) I am loving cozy sweaters right now. They're perfect to wear in this cool fall weather! 

10) So true. I do love cookies. A little too much. So if you give me cookies, you're guaranteed to be my new best friend :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life and Chocolate Chip Cookies

It's just been one of those days where I feel like I have a million things to do and no time at all to do them. So you know what I do? Make cookies! Since I have no kitchen of my own, pre-made cookie dough had to do, but the cookies still turned out delicious! Whenever I feel like I'm never going to finish everything I have to do, I just grab one and everything is so much better :)

The best thing, though, is that the weekend is almost here! Yay! I need a break so bad, so this weekend could not have come at a better time! I've still got papers to write and projects to do, but at least I'll have some down time to watch a movie here and there! I'm going to a bonfire tomorrow and cannot wait to go! Nothing screams fall better than eating some pumpkin pie around a warm fire! Other than my bonfire, there are a ton of things I want to get done this weekend...

- Get ahead on my homework. I never leave anything to the last minute or else I get wayyyy too stressed, so hopefully I can knock some papers out of the way to lighten up my load next week!
- Plan ahead for my blog posts. I need to make a calendar for October blog posts in my notebook so that I know exactly what's going on next month! I can't believe we're leaving September already!
- Read read read. I have had no time to read and it's making me so sad! Hopefully I can finish at least one, maybe even two, books this weekend. I've got some good ones lined up that I can't wait to crack into!
- Watch some movies from my movie list. It's been a while since I've been able to knock some movies off this list, and I got some from the library on monday, so I'm planning on spending some quality time with them this weekend.
- Knit some more fun projects. I'm working on another dimple hat, so I really want to get that one done and find a new, fun fall project to start!

And that's how my weekend is looking! The weekends are always the best and Fridays just make me so happy! Hopefully I get everything done that I've got planned. And hopefully you guys have an awesome weekend! Have a fantastic last couple of days of September :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinspiration: Healthy Desserts

It's Tuesday! Which means it's time for another Pinterest inspired post! My absolute favorite thing to post on Pinterest is food, but I noticed it was all just making me want to eat chocolate, cake, and cookies. I needed to find a way to stop craving these bad foods, so I made a Healthy Dessert Board where I posted yummy foods that could be eaten without the guilt! Looking at this board definitely makes me feel better about myself knowing I could make these delicious desserts without feeling bad about eating them! Here are my favorites :)

Mmmmm my mouth waters just looking at these! I have to try these recipes out the next time I go home because they'll be able to take care of my sweet cravings without all of the calories! And there's such a wide variety too! There's a recipe for any mood I'm in, or I can just make everything and be extremely satisfied with my life :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Stitch [September 24]

Time is just slipping by lately! There's only one week left until October! And before you know it, it'll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas! Haha, okay maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. But this month really did fly by. And it's been amazing! I can't wait for October to come along because it's full of Fall and Quidditch fun! As for now, life has been pretty busy...

1) I've been trying soooo hard to stay planned ahead this month when it comes to blogging. I've fallen a bit behind lately, so I'm definitely trying to plan things out better so that I can be a bit more organized when it comes to posting about this amazing season!

2) I am absolutely in love with the Sweet On Paris scent from Bath & Body Works. I literally use this lotion everyday and I haven't gotten tired of it, even though I've had it for over a month. Don't you just love finding scents you fall in love with? 

3) Right now I'm reading Unspoken and it's AMAZING! Seriously, not only is the cover gorgeous but I just can't stop reading. Hopefully I can finish it either today or tomorrow and finally figure out how everything will wrap up! 

4) My new phone case FINALLY came in the mail! Yayayayayay!!! It came just in time for the official start of Autumn and I love it so much. I can't stop touching my phone and admiring my adorable new owl case. He's just so cute! 

5) Time to start a new knitting project! I'm thinking of doing another dimple hat but this time in purple. I think it'll be cute and someone at the hospital we donate some of our knitted projects to will love it! So hopefully I can get a good start on that tonight!

Wow, this has been such a busy time for me! I've got group projects, papers to write, and clubs to go to, so life has just been non-stop. I love being busy, though, so I guess I can't complain! I hope you guys had a great Monday and have a fantastic week as well :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Roasted Marshmallows and Owl Socks

Mmm the past week has been spent cozying up by the bonfire with s'mores, admiring my adorable new pumpkin, eating reese's, and walking around in my owl socks. Fall is definitely in full swing now and I'm absolutely loving it! I went to the Homecoming bonfire a couple of nights ago and completely gorged myself on s'mores. Chocolate and marshmallows are definitely a girls best friend :)

I've finally had a chance to catch up on blogging and life this weekend and I'm so happy! I hate falling behind on blogging when things get busy, so it was nice to be able pop in Bridget Jones's Diary and spend some quality time with my laptop. 

It's been threatening to rain for a while, which puts a little damper on things, but that just means I get to wear my pink polka dot rain boots! And there's only three more weeks until I get to go home again! And going home means much more baking, which I'm so excited for. Time seems to be flying this year, but I definitely see that as a good thing. I feel more at home here than ever and life over all is turning out to be pretty darn good :) I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Craft Corner: Dimple Hat

I am so excited that I finally finished this project! I am absolutely obsessed with this orange color right now, and I knew it would be the perfect yarn for this hat! I found the free pattern from Ravelry and couldn't get over how cute it was! So I decided to give it a try of my own and this is how it turned out!

 Isn't it absolutely perfect for the fall weather coming up? I just love staring at it because it's so cute! And it actually fits well! A lot of times when I make hats, they fit all weird, but not this one. I love how the top of the had ended up and I'm definitely making this one again. I'm so excited to show off my Dimpled Hat this fall because it's definitely a favorite piece of mine now! 

Have any of you made anything perfect for the crisp weather moving in? I'm starting on a pink cowl now, and it's coming along really well! If you guys have any projects, I'd love to hear them! Just make sure you're staying warm! And now I'm off to put on my new hat and never take it off :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Yeah, yeah I know that Halloween isn't for another month, but I got a pumpkin yesterday and had to share it with you guys! Hehe, isn't it a cutie? I can't believe it's only the beginning of fall and we have so much more time with this gorgeous weather and time of year! But enough about me yapping about the season yet again! Here are my favorites from this week :)

1) Ever since I got my iPhone, I have been obsessed with looking at cases. These fun cases are just so adorable and I want them all! I think if I had the chocolate bar one, though, I'd end up eating my phone....

2) Mickey Mouse Oreos! Mmmmm I would absolutely die if I had these! Chocolate and Disney...what more could a girl ask for? 

3) These words could not be any more true :)

4) WHY HAVE I NOT THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE? A Reese's S'more? I definitely need to try this out! 

5) A Disney Princess Series would be beyond incredible! I miss the middle grade books and shows I was obsessed with and I know that if this were real, I would have owned/watched every single one :)

6) British flag converse. Need I say more? 

7) This cat mug is just beyond adorable. Where can I find one, like now??

8) I love the coral color of these moccasins so much! I definitely would love to see a pair of these in my closet :)

9) How perfect is this snail tape dispenser? hehe, I would never get anything done if this little guy was on my desk! 

10) I just can't get over how adorable this ice cream baby is! He's just too cute for words :) 

And that's everything from me! I hope you guys all have a fantastic Friday and a fabulous weekend! Stay warm and make sure you cozy up in some fuzzy sweaters and knitted scarves :)

Delicious Baking Books

I have been on this baking craze lately, but since I don't have a kitchen to bake in, I've had to leave it to these books to quench my baking obsession. I had recently picked these up from Half Price Books and I can't stop flipping through them every chance I get! 

Not only do these books look completely adorable on my shelf, they have amazing recipes in them! There are chocolate recipes, fruity recipes, and even holiday recipes. I have to remind myself not to drool every time I open them because all of the baked goods look SO GOOD! 

My favorite recipes are definitely the cupcakes/muffins that have chocolate in them. Mmmm I wish I could bake cupcakes every single day of my life! It's so sad that I don't have a kitchen to bake in, but next year I will, so I am super excited to bake to my little heart's desire. Until then, I'm definitely going to build up my baking books so that I always have something new to try! Do you guys have any favorite baking books you always turn to? I'd love to hear some suggestions! There's always some new dessert out there that's just dying to feed my sweet tooth :)

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