Saturday, September 8, 2012

Instagram Weekend [9/7-9/8]

1) Every Saturday there's a farmers market at the downtown area of Oxford (we call it Uptown) and they had these AMAZING Apple Turnovers! I'm definitely going back next year for another one. I can sense that fall is officially here :)

2) I finished an adorable crocheted tea cup! I'm thinking that they'll make fantastic Christmas presents this year! 

3) I got a book base last weekend when I went home and I finally had time to put it up! I am so in love with it and I finally have space to put all of my books in my dorm room!

4) My first article was published in the student paper! Woo hoo!!!! I was so excited to finally be able to write again and seeing my name actually published made me so happy :)

So I'd say it's been a pretty good week/weekend! I'm so excited because I'm baking something super yummy tomorrow morning and I'll be sure to share it with you all! And I've been working on some fun knitting projects, so hopefully I can finish those soon! I'm determine to make this a productive weekend, so we'll see how much I accomplished by Monday! Hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend as well :)

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