Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall 2012 Vox Box

I was SO excited to be picked as a beauty blogger to receive Influenster's Fall 2012 Vox Box! In this box were a bunch of samples for me to review! And I love samples. So needless to say, I couldn't wait to rip into this baby and play with all of my goodies! Haha, here's what I got in my lovely box :)

1. NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact ($4.99)
I wear eyeshadow everyday, so I was super excited to find this NYC shadow in the box! I'm more of a one color kind of gal (I absolutely fail at using multiple shades to make a smokey eye) and this shadow works well for the individual colors! It did come with directions on how to use all of the colors together, but I was way too intimitated to try that out!

2. Boots No. 7 Beautiful Skin
I normally don't use any kind of moisturizers, so I wasn't sure what I was really looking for with these. But they felt nice! Nothing really changed when I used them, so I don't think I'll ever use them again. 

3. Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves Frizz Control Hair Cream ($6.00 for 4oz bottle)
Tehe, I love that name! This hair cream is so awesome and it smells absolutely delicious. I tend to get frizzy hair when I let my curls air dry in the morning and I think this hair cream definitely tamed it down a bit! And I couldn't stop smelling my hair because the scent was so gosh darn good :)

4. Eboost ($28 for box of 20)
I am definitely NOT a caffeine/energy boosting person in any way, so I didn't try this one out. One sip of coffee makes my heart start racing and hands start shaking...yeah, so this didn't sound like something for me! Sorry!

5. Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit ($5.99)
I don't wear fake lashes either and I was super intimidated by the glue. I would probably end up ripping out all of my own lashes trying to work with these! So I didn't try these out either. The packaging is super pretty though and I would definitely try this out if I ever needed some fake lashes! 

6. Bath & Body Works Mini Candle ($3.50)
Now this has got to be the highlight of the box. I am OBSESSED with candles and I probably have 20 of Bath & Body Works mini candles at home. But I didn't have this scent! I was sent a Mahogany Teakwood candle and at first I was a little iffy about the smell. It's kind of a musky scent that reminds me a lot of men's cologne. But you know what? I love the smell of cologne. Haha, I don't know why but I do, so I've kind of grown to really like this candle! I'm happy I got to add it to my collection :)

7. Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin ($7.29) 
These hair pins are SO COOL! I've seen them in the store and have always been interested to see if they really work, so I was really excited to see them in my Vox Box. They were the first thing I opened and you know what? They actually work! If you twist your hair into a bun, then twist these two little pins in, your hair actually stays in place! Haha, I was so amazed! If you're interested in these, I would definitely recommend trying them out. They're really cool and actually do what they say they do! 

And that's my Vox Box review! I had so much fun going through my goodies and discovering fun, new things! And I even got a candle out of it :) Yay!! This was so much fun and I hope I can participate in something like this in the future! I hope you enjoyed seeing everything I got! There were a nice variety of things that held some very interesting surprises...and who doesn't love surprises? 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Confidence Project

Being a part of the blogging community, I have been able to get a peek into the lives of some truly amazing people. Whenever I look at their lives through their blogs, there's always something about them that I would like to try out myself. Why haven't I? Because I have so many doubts that people will judge me. But you know what? Who cares what other people think? So I've decided to start The Confidence Project. I was inspired by Meredith's Blogging For Confidence Series over at One Sheepish Girl and decided to take on the project myself. I've set some goals for myself and hope to share my progress with you guys as I set out to do these tasks that I've been longing to do, but have had to courage to actually achieve. Here's a list of tasks I've come up with so far: 

-Wear a pair of bright tights with an outfit
-Email my favorite bloggers
-Yarn bomb
-Sell my knitting/crocheting on Etsy
-Have a movie date with myself
-Start my Jane Austen Book Club at school
-Knit at Bell Tower (a dining place on campus)
-Do a vlog? 
-Dye the tips of my hair
-Attempt to make macarons
-Watch a really scary movie

I know these tasks may not seem like much, but they're all things I've always wanted to do but have never had the courage to carry out. Have any of you ever had this urge? This urge to just go out and do whatever the heck you wanted? Well, I do. And starting today, I am going to make each and every (okay, most of these) one of these things happen. As time goes on, I may add even more to this list! I don't want to be held back by my fear of being judged; I am who I am and everyone should be okay with that. So, here goes nothing. Wish me luck! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinspiration: Dream Closet

Every time I look at pins on Pinterest, I always find myself drooling over the adorable outfits and accessories everyone else in the world seems to have but me. I started pinning these to my My Style board, but I realized that I didn't actually own these clothes, so I decided to make board dedicated to My Dream Closet. Here are the pins of things that I would absolutely die if they were actually in my own closet...

Every time I look at these pins, I just wish I could steal them and keep them as my own! Seriously, my life would be so much more colorful if I could steal these clothes and bags! Oh well, I guess a girl can dream....but hopefully I can build up my closet this Black Friday! I know it's still a month away, but you can never start planning too early :)

Wedding Jitters and Kate Middleton

Over the weekend, I got the chance to get away from school, go to my mom's hometown, and watch my cousin and his fiancé get married! The ceremony was so sweet and I was so happy to finally see them get married! Her wedding was fall colors, so lot's of warm browns, and it was just absolutely gorgeous! Both of them are avid Beatle's fans, so that was a large part of the wedding theme as well! I had a blast, but my favorite part of the wedding had to be picking out my outfit :)

Kate Middleton has such a beautiful sense of style, and when I saw this dress at Macy's, I immediately thought of her. The blue lace is classic and seems like something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear! So, of course, I knew I had to have it. Not to mention the dress was on sale for around $20! Yay for Macy's amazing deals! Anyways, the fun part came next: accessorizing. I was digging through my closet looking for a purse to wear with the dress and came across this super cute white beaded bag that I used to play with as a little girl when me and my sister dressed up. It's from my grandma's house and has been sitting in my closet for years. How had I let this beauty collect dust in my closet? I don't know! So I took it out and knew it was perfect for my outfit. I decided to add a little pearl necklace with a matching beret and my wedding outfit was good to go! 

I haven't been to that many weddings, so I forgot how magical they could be! The couple getting married was so absolutely perfect for each other and I couldn't help but tear up as the bride walked down the isle. Once they said their vows, exchanged rings, and kissed, they walked back up the isle to "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles. It was so perfect! The reception was a blast full of delicious red velvet cake, an impeccable cookie table, yummy dinner, and overall good company. I couldn't help but think of how I wanted my own wedding to be....but that's not for a looonnnnggggg time. But a girl can dream! Haha, oh well. In the meantime, I wish a lifetime of happiness and love to the amazing newlywed couple :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Corner: Garland Cowl

That's right, I've got another cowl to share with you guys! And this time it's PINK!!! I bought this super awesome, bright yarn from this adorable little yarn shop about 20 minutes from my house called Knitting Temptations. I had no idea what I wanted to use it for, so I went to Ravelry and spent some quality time with the pattern search. After a little bit, I found this adorable Garland Cowl pattern and I knew I had found the one :) 

Aaaaaahhh I just can't get enough of this cowl! The pattern is subtle, yet super pretty! I understand why it's called a Garland Cowl because it's kind of delicate and light when you're wearing it! And I am seriously in love with this color. I love pairing this scarf with one of my bright large crochet bows because the colors pop so much! Haha, I probably wear this once a weak because I love it wayyy too much! I was actually so excited to make it that I finished it in only two days, which is pretty quick for me to complete an entire cowl! Ravelry is honestly the most amazing website in the universe. No matter what yarn you have, there's always the perfect project waiting to be found there. 

Craft Corner: Glowing Ember Infinity Cowl

With the cold weather finally moving in, I have been obsessed with making more and more cowls and scarves to keep me warm. So I went on Ravelry to find a new pattern to make and found this Glowing Ember Infinity Cowl and loved how it looked! So I printed off the pattern and started knitting away! This one took about three weeks for me to make, but that's because I kept on starting new projects, then coming back to this one. But it's finally done! And just in time for the temperature drop in Ohio :) 

And I love the color of yarn I used for this one! It's a nice, bright color for the season! I used this new yarn (well, new to me) called Bamboo Ewe by Stitch Nation and I actually really like it! I'm definitely going to be using it in the future! It was on clearance at Jo Anns, so this was a super cheap project too! I bet this would cost at least $20 in the store, but it only cost me about $5 to make it :) Yay for knitting!!! And it's exactly the way I want it and I absolutely can't wait to wear it out! There's no better feeling than wearing something you made for the first time and showing it off to the world :) 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Corner: Crochet Pumpkin Treat Bowl

I am SO excited about this project I just finished. When I saw this crocheted pumpkin treat bowl on One Sheepish Girl, I knew I had to make one. So literally that same day (which was Wednesday) I sat down, popped in Casablanca, and whipped up my very own bowl! Then, on Thursday, I made another one for my roommate because she thought it was adorable! Of course, I had to go out and buy some candy to fill my bowl, so I'd say this was a very successful project :)

Aaaaahhhh I just can't get over how cute it is! Seriously, it's the absolute perfect project for this time of year! I don't know how Meredith comes up with this stuff, but she definitely earns credit for giving me fun ways to pass the time! And the best part about this one is that it was super easy! I had all the yarn I needed and could make it in about an hour. The perfect project to make while watching a movie or show! I can't wait to see what other projects she has to share and if you haven't checked out her blog, do it now! As for me, I'm going to enjoy some candy in my adorable new pumpkin :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's Halloween Weekend! Finally! Sadly, I will be out of town this weekend for a wedding, but I hope all of you have fantastically spooky weekends filled with candy, pumpkins, and costumes! Before you go crazy at all of your scary parties, here's what I've been obsessed with this week :)

1) Marilyn Monroe is seriously amazing. I watched Some Like It Hot the other day and was absolutely mesmerized by her performance. She is definitely one of my idols now!

2) Kitty donuts! Can you believe there's such a thing??? I love donuts like it's nobody's business, so these are just too perfect! I'd feel bad eating them, but I bet they taste absolutely delicious. 

3) These spiderweb nails are just perfect for Halloween! I love how they're creeping in from the corner. So cute!

4) I've recently become obsessed with fun marshmallows, so when I saw these heart shaped marshmallows I couldn't get over how awesome they were. Did you know they have pumpkin shaped/flavored marshmallows too?? Haha, I'm going to have to have a hot chocolate party just to have an excuse to buy every single kind of marshmallow Walmart carries!

5) Tehe, this kitty definitely looks like he had a nice Halloween! I'm pretty sure I looked like this every single time after I went trick-or-treating. Candy is just too tempting to say no too! 

6) I want this keep calm mug SO BAD! Not only does it have a tea cup, but it also tells you to eat more cake. Those are definitely two musts in life :)

7) A Batman ring! Ahhh I would absolutely love to add this one to my collection! 

8) This list just perfectly describes the fall season. If only Ohio would stop with this ridiculous 79 degree weather and just let us have our autumn cool, crisp air back! 

9) Mmmmm don't these M&M peanut butter chip cookie bars look absolutely amazing? Pretty sure I'm drooling just looking at them...

10) Look how awesome these candy corn cupcakes are! I so wish I was that creative in the kitchen. There are so many possibilities with icings and cake colors that you can create the coolest yummy treats ever! 

What I Wore // Turquoise and purple

:: Outfit Details ::
Scarf :: Made by yours truly :)
Sweater :: American Eagle
V-neck :: American Eagle
Skirt :: Forever 21
Bracelet :: Pandora

Welcome to my very first What I Wore post! Yay! I wore this outfit yesterday and was so absolutely in love with it that I had to share it with you guys. I'm so sorry for the poor quality, there's only so much you can do in a tiny dorm room! But I tried my best :)

I knew I was going to have a super long day, so I decided that the best way to get through it was by wearing an outfit I wouldn't want to take off at the end of my day. And that definitely means an outfit with fun colors! So I matched my turquoise skirt with my light purple sweater (it's been in the 70s lately. Crazy Ohio weather!). I love how it turned out! If it were colder, like it should be this time of year, I would have definitely added the cowl I just finished that I'm wearing in the last picture. 

I'm wearing my Pandora Bracelets, which I wear literally almost every day. I love those bracelets because I've been collecting charms ever since middle school, so it's a very special bracelet to me! And it matches a ton :) 

It's supposed to be another incredibly nice day today, but it looks like it's dropping down to the 50s this weekend and all next week! Time to wear a dress today for probably the last time without leggings/tights. But that just means sweater/scarf weather is permanently moving in and I absolutely can't wait! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Craft Corner: Braided Cable Headband

I've had some left over orange yarn that I really wanted to use because I'm seriously obsessed with that color right now. To solve my problem, I went on to Ravelry and found this adorable pattern for a braided cable headband! It was absolutely perfect and I definitely had enough left over yarn to make one. So I sat down with a pair of needs, a cable needle, and my yarn and started to knit away :)

I love how this pattern turned out! And I'm even more in love with the color I used. I'm probably going to donate it to the hospital my knitting club makes things for, but that doesn't mean I still can't be proud of it! If I make this again, though, I'm definitely not going to make it as big as the pattern calls for because it's just a tad bit too big. It fits fine, I just prefer to have headbands be a little tighter than this one ended up being. Hopefully it will fit someone in need better! The best thing about this, too, was that it was a super quick and easy project. There are definitely more braided cable headbands in my future!

Because I've been watching so many movies lately, I have had a ton of time to catch up on knitting projects. I finished this headband, a scarf, and a cowl that I absolutely can't wait to share with you guys. So make sure you keep your eyes out for some more fun Craft Corner posts coming up this week! 

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