Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's FINALLY Friday! This week has been incredibly busy and there just doesn't seem to be a break! I'm going to be so happy when it's Monday because I am completely booked this weekend. I'm excited for what I have planned (Quidditch and an Apple Butter Festival), but sometimes a girl just needs a break! So hopefully I still have fun and survive until I finally have a chance to breath on Monday. Just because I've been busy, though, doesn't mean I haven't found awesome things this week! Here's what's caught my eye this week :)

1) Yummmmm. Don't these cinnamon pumpkin cupcakes look absolutely to die for? I have to try these out sometime this month! 

2) This skirt (apron?) is just too perfect for words. I don't know if I'd wear it out, but I'd definitely be up for using it to bake some delicious goodies in my kitchen :)

3) Tee hee...aren't these mustache cookies perfect? I have to find a mustache cookie cutter so I can make some of my own! 

4) I am so excited for The Great Gatsby to come out in theaters! Hopefully I can finally read the book before I can see the movie!

5) These Disney cases are so adorable! I have to find a Disney iPhone case to add to my collection! 

6) Haha, this motto is basically the story of my life. Is there any way I can hang this on my wall??

7) Oh, Neville :) I'm definitely in love with Matthew Lewis post-Harry Potter <3 

8) This check list is definitely the way to go in Paris. Hopefully I'll be able to make my way over there when I'm in London this summer!

9) Oh my goodness, are these cupcakes real??? I am so going to try this out the next chance I do! They look so delicious! 

10) This kitchen seriously embodies the fall season. I love the colors and the style so much! Can I have it?? Please???


  1. This post couldn't get any better. Those The Great Gatsby looks incredible. I want that central perk cup ;) And that skirt is a must!

  2. I love the R2D2 skirt -- I was so close to buying the Nintendo one ( that's in her etsy store.

  3. Hi Jessica! So glad you like my Cinnamon Cupcakes :) Thanks for sharing on your page. Would you mind linking it back to the original post on my blog though? I would appreciate it! Here is the link:

    1. Hey! Yeah, that's absolutely no problem! I found the image on and didn't know where it originated from, but I changed the link so it links back to your blog! I'm so sorry I didn't before! Your blog is so adorable, though! And those cupcakes really do look delicious :)


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