Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Recipe List: Pumpkin On My Mind

I have many great loves in my love- reading, movies, my puppy, Diet Coke…but the two that I absolutely love to put together are Fall and baking. When fall starts moving in, I can just smell the pumpkin in the air and feel the warm hot chocolate sliding down my throat. I bookmark recipe after recipe of variations on pumpkin baked goods and itch to try out new combinations. Here are the recipes that I am dying to try out as October finally settles in and the Fall weather takes over. 

-I've already made these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were a hit! 
-You can never, ever have enough Pumpkin Whoopie Pies
-Pumpkin Spice Puppy Chow?! Pretty sure I'd eat the entire batch in one sitting…
-I love experimenting with baked donuts, and these Glazed Pumpkin Donuts are definitely next up on my list. 
-I'm already planning on making these 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Brownies this weekend for book club. You bet I'll be adding that pumpkin spice frosting, too!
-These Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies look so thick and chewy and absolutely to-die for. 
-Pumpkin Pie Reeses? Literally my dream come true! 
-You can't have Fall without a good Pumpkin Roll
-These Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins had me at cheesecake…
-Pumpkin and nutella? These Pumpkin Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting look delicious. 
-Don't forget your Crumbly Pumpkin Bread!
-Mmmm these Oatmeal Pumpkin Creme Sandwiches look like heaven. 
-Dress up a brownie with these Pumpkin Kiss Brownies!
-I'm already drooling over these Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies
-I don't how how long these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles would last in my kitchen…
-These Pumpkin S'more Brownies are a must during Fall bonfires. 
-I love my pudding cookies, so I definitely can't wait to try out these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies
-Spice up your breakfast with these delicious Pumpkin Pancakes.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What I Wore: Goodbye September

Dress- Forever21 | Belt- Delia's | Sweater- Delia's | Shoes- H&M | Watch- Macy's

How did September go by so fast? Seriously, it seems like just yesterday we were leaving August and just getting into the swing of being back at school. Now, it's officially Fall and October begins tomorrow. Before I know it, it'll be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and then Winter Break! As my last semester as a college student taking college classes, it seems to be going by way too fast. 

Monday's are always a little hectic for me with three classes and my book club meeting. I'm out the door by 10:50am and don't come back home until after 8pm. It's nice having my only long day be on Monday, though, because then I get it out of the way and can relax by the time Tuesday rolls around. I only have two classes today and then knitting club, so it's not going to be that bad of a day. While I do have an exam in my film studies class, it shouldn't be too hard. Hopefully it goes well! 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sweet On Sunday #24

1. This Luck Be a Lady Dress in Blossom looks like it would be so much fun to wear. I don't think I would stop twirling around if I were wearing it…

2. The pug face on this iPhone 5 Case Prince is just too adorable not to love. 

3. Seeing as September is almost over, this Baby Got Bat Bag would be so perfect to wear during October.

4. Just look at all of the colors in this Preppy Colorblocked-Pockets Cardigan! So perfect to stay in a bright mood during the colder days that are undoubtedly coming up. 

5. I love the scalloped edging of this Perk of Art Bag. So cute! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Project Wishlist: Cowls

I always have projects that I want to make, but I never had enough time in the day to make them all. When the fall weather moves in, I always want to make as many cowls as possible to snuggle up in as I head to class in the crisp air. My favorites list on Ravelry absolutely explodes and I pine after all of the beautiful cowl patterns there are out there…

The one that I definitely can't wait to start is the My Favorite Things Infinity Scarf. I love how that pattern leaves the ability for the knitter to make it unique to their own favorite things. I would definitely have a panel that says "knit" and "purl". The sheep are adorable too and they even have elephants! The possibilities are endless and it looks like so much fun to make. 

As for the other scarves, the patterns look simple yet they turn out gorgeous! I love how big and fluffy the Valuminosa cowl looks and that purple color is gorgeous. I have some pink yarn, though, that I could see making a gorgeous cowl with that pattern. Oh, I'm already itching to get started! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[Instagram] Books, Books, and More Books...

Over the past week, I have accumulated quite the amount of books. Despite the fact that I already own almost 1,000 books already (how did that happen??), I just can't seem to stay away from book sales. Half Price Books was having a warehouse sale where everything was $2 or less. Of course, I went on the first day right when they opened and found a glorious amount of books that I just couldn't live without. I didn't even spend that much money! I walked out of there with 14 books for myself for only $9. I got another 6 for my mom for only $3. How could I pass up on a deal like that? I also couldn't resist finally buying Isla and the Happily Ever After from The Book Depository. I have been dying to read the book and after seeing it posted on so many book blogs and Instagram accounts, I finally gave in and ordered myself a copy. It's finally in my hands and I can't wait to start it!

Aside from my exciting trip to the Half Price Books Warehouse sale and receiving my book mail, I spent the weekend watching some Outlander and running a 10k. The 10k was hosted by Panera, which means that there were some delicious Panera bagels, sandwiches, and cookies at the end, which I ended up devouring. I finished the 6.2 mile race in only 47 minutes (an average of a 7:30 min/mile pace), coming in second place in my age group (by one minute. So close, yet so far…). I was beyond happy with my time and couldn't have been happier with my cinnamon crunch bagel at the finish line. As for Outlander, how steamy was The Wedding episode? I mean, I already love Jamie, but now? Totally swooning over him. I already want to watch that episode again…

It was definitely a busy, yet incredible weekend. With books and running, what was there not to love?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Things Making Me Happy

I know that it's only Tuesday, but I've already been having a pretty great week! I think it's because I get to finally go home for a weekend visit on Thursday, but it feels like this week is just flying by. Homework for my classes hasn't been too bad and attending running club and knitting club always puts me in a good mood. Here's what else has been making me happy this week...

1. Finishing the Panerathon 10k in exactly 47 minutes. I ran 6 miles every weekend for about a month to train for the race and set a goal of 50 minutes. I dominated my goal and ran an average of a 7:30 minute mile, coming second in my age group. The free Panera afterwards didn't hurt either.

2. Finally being able to read Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I read Beautiful Disaster over the summer and devoured it in one day because I loved it so much. After meeting Jamie a couple of weeks ago and buying the second book in the series, I am so excited that I finally have time to sit down and read the story from Travis's point of view.

3. Having only three more days until I go home. I haven't been home in about 5 weeks now, so I'm definitely missing my parents, sister, and puppy. I can't wait to spend the weekend with my sister and Rosie (my parents are going out of town…awful timing, I know) and just relax and forget about school for a bit.

4. Making packing lists. I've had to make so many lists lately and they are so handy when I need to pack for anything so that I know I'm not forgetting anything.

5. Watching the Wedding episode of Outlander. Talk about steamy!

6. Receiving book mail that I've been waiting on for weeks. Isla and the Happily Ever After arrived in the mail yesterday and it definitely made my day.

7. Unwinding at knitting club. Some really great people joined my knitting club this semester and I always look forward to spending an hour with them and my latest knitting project every Tuesday night.

8. Getting ahead on homework. Since I'm going home this weekend, I want more time to spend with my sister and less time to spend on homework, so I'm getting most of my assignments done early and it feels so good to have that off my back.

9. Having class canceled so that I could go to running club. My evening class yesterday was canceled because my professor was out of town, so I was able to go to running club and see some of my new friends, which I am only able to normally do on Thursdays and Fridays.

10. Less than 100 days until Christmas. Time to start knitting up those Christmas presents!

Monday, September 22, 2014

On My Needles: Moss Stitch Scarf

Since school started, I've been going to my knitting club meetings every Tuesday and those meetings have definitely become my highlight of the day. So many new people have joined the club and we enjoy sitting down to knit and chat about life, school, and anything else that comes to mind. As a club, our goal is for every member to make at least one item to donate to the hospital, so I decided to start this Moss Stitch Scarf that I found on Ravelry. The pattern is super easy and it doesn't take too long to make! I'm able to make some progress on my scarf during our meetings while still being able to pay attention to our conversation. It's the perfect project!

With this cold weather moving in, it's so hard not to work on projects all for myself rather than projects I'm going to give away. I have to keep in mine, though, that I have plenty of scarves to keep me warm for the moment while there are people who truly need a scarf to stay warm as the fall weather moves in. Hopefully someone in need will receive this scarf and feel a bit warmer this winter.

Are any of you working on a fun project? I hope your projects are going well and that you have a fabulous start to your week!
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