Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Craft Corner: Granny Square Baby Blanket

Last month, my cousin gave birth to two adorable twins named Scarlett and Grayson. The babies were born very premature, but as of now they are staying strong and doing well! I had planned on having these blankets done for her baby shower in mid-November, but school got in the way and I didn't have the chance to finish the blankets until a month later. But now they're finished and I absolutely love them!

I knew that I wanted to make the babies blankets for the twins, but I had the hardest time deciding what to make them. Granny Square? Striped? There were so many possibilities! But when I found the pattern for this Granny Stripe Baby Blanket, I knew that I had found the one!

The border definitely caught my eye when I decided to make this blanket. I love the scalloped edges and the stitch was so easy for such a cute finish. My cousin and her husband are huge Ohio State fans and both met while students at Ohio State, so they named their babies in honor of that. I decided to make identical blankets for the babies, but a gray bordered one for Grayson and a scarlet bordered one for Scarlett. I'm planning on giving these to my cousin when they visit for Christmas and I can't wait! I know they're going to love them! Scarlett and Grayson are the first babies in our family, so I am beyond excited to knit them as many gifts as I can! Maybe hats next? Oh, the possibilities! 

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