Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram Weekend

Hello all! It's monday, but I'm trying to stay in a good mood because this week is exam week. Bleh, I need to keep my head up! So why not reflect on what a fun weekend I had? 


1. On Saturday I spent time team bonding with the Quidditch team, who I LOVE so much! We handed out awards and I won Most Improved! Woo hoo! I was excited :) I had changed to the Beater position halfway through the year and it's honestly the best position EVER! My teammate found this awesome tumblr with a bunch of quidditch memes and it's just fantastic. 


We watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, ate pizza/cookies/chips/pretty much any junk food, and voted on new positions for exec next year. And guess what? I'm co-chair for programming/fundraising! Ahhh I was so excited I got it! So Saturday was a pretty awesome day :) 

2. I started my 30 day journaling challenge! I'm using prompts from Oh Shoot and it's so much fun! I look forward to writing something new everyday. I'm pretty sure the prompts are meant for art journaling, but I'm not much of an artist so I'm just writing about each one of them each day. I love being able to have something new to write each day! And the notebook I found at Walmart (it was only $3!) is just so cute! 

3. I got up on Sunday and ran 6 miles, then ran 3 miles this morning! I love running so much now and that's all thanks to my half-marathon training. I decided to start training in January and now I couldn't even imagine going even three days without running. It's become part of my routine and I've gotten into such good shape! Since January, I've lost 15 pounds all because I've ran every day and started to eat healthier. Isn't that awesome? The half-marathon is this Saturday, so hopefully that goes well! I can't wait! 

4. After my run this morning I got a strawberry banana smoothie and it was sooooo good! Seriously, I could probably live off of them. 

5. I made a schedule for blogging today! I saw that a lot of other bloggers do this and though, why haven't I thought of that before??? I actually have a notebook at home that's PERFECT for keeping my blog organized, but I don't go home until Friday, so I just made a temporary one. I'm already really excited about actually making the posts I planned. Yay for being organized! 

6. Ahhhh the dreaded finals. My first two are tomorrow and I'm going to start studying as soon as I'm done writing this post. You wonder why it's so long....haha but I'm not too worried about my tests tomorrow. What I'm dreading most is waiting until Friday to go home! A ton of people get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday, but of course I have two tomorrow and ONE on Friday, so I'm here all week. But after that it'll be SUMMER!! Yay! Okay, well I'm going to leave now so that I can stop boring you all and actually do my homework. Hope you're all enjoying your Monday! 


  1. wishing you much success with finals!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Hi Jessica! Thanks for commenting on my blog :)

    Your blog is just lovely! Congrats on your awesome day, and good luck with your upcoming finals!

    I look forward to seeing how the blog scheduling works for you (and for me!)!


  3. ahhh! the quiddich and harry potter watching sounds good to me:)

  4. You're on a quiddich team?! That's amazing! Cute blog :)


  5. Good luck on that half this weekend. I have ran a few plus one full. Now that Spring is here I usually get up off my bum and start running again! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your future posts!


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