Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dress for success

Hello everyone :) Hope you're having a lovely first day of May! Woo hoo! I've got a lot I want to do this month, so hopefully it's a good one! 

April ended on an awesome note because I've just been feeling so good lately! And I think that's because I've been loving my outfits. Have you ever noticed that if you look good, you feel good? Well I have! Here are a few of my outfits from the past couple of weeks that made me feel pretty good all day long :)

My sister let me borrow her dress that she got from Delia's and it is the perfect summer dress! I love it so much! 

It has been SO rainy this week, so on Saturday I wore my new sweater (only $5 from Macy's!) and my pink rain boots. Isn't the outfit adorable? 

It FINALLY warmed up today, so i got to wear shorts! Woo hoo! I added the scarf to put some color to the outfit, them wore my black converse, which I love. I really liked my outfit today, which seemed to calm me down while I was taking my exams!

So I guess the past couple of weeks have proven to me that if I like what I'm wearing, I'll feel better about myself. I hate that feeling of hating what I'm wearing and not being able to wait to get back to my room to change. It just makes me feel awful. So I've been very careful about picking out what I think would look cute in! I'm not dressing for others, I'm dressing for me because really, my opinion is the only one that matters :)

So I know from now on, whenever I pick out an outfit, I'll choose the one that'll make me smile the most :) Thanks for stopping by and hope this makes you smile too :)

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