Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Oh my gosh, this week went by so fast! And it's Friday again! I've officially been on summer break for an entire week! Yay! Here's what's been catching my eye this week :)

1. Gahh I've been seeing kitties all over the internet and my heart just melted when I saw this one! 

2) I SO wish my life were like an 80s movie. I just read a book where the guy reenacted the scene from 16 Candles where the car drives away and he's leaning against his car when the girl comes out from the wedding...yeah I sighed form how sweet it was. 

3) Pandas are my favorite! Who knew drawing them could be so easy??

4) I love this idea of using old maps to cut into hearts and frame! It's so cute!

5) I'm loving stripes right now, and I think the added anchor necklace is just adorable. 

6) I love these colors! So perfect for spring/summer!

7) It's a cake of the house from Up! 

8) All the caption on Pinterest said was "Rainbow Jar Cakes." Can you say yummy???

9) The Avengers was one of the best movies I've ever seen and these little caricatures are ADORABLE!

10) Raspberry Lemonade Slushy. Honestly the perfect drink for summer <3

***All images are from Pinterest or Imgfave***

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