Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Craft Corner: Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

I've been obsessed with my Arts & Crafts Pinboard, so today I am super excited to share with you yet another Pinterest inspired craft! It's the cookie sheet magnet board! I freaking love how this turned out and already have two materials for two more!! And my sister is making three of her own :)

I started out with a plain old pizza pan (only $1 from the Dollar Tree!) and hammered two holes near the top for where the ribbon was going to go through. Then, I used paper to create a pattern for the size of the fabric that was going to cover the pan. Once I figured out the pattern, I pinned it to my fat quarter of fabric (on sale for $1.29 at Jo Ann's!) and cut the fabric to the right size. After that, I used Modge Podge (honestly the best thing ever invented) and glued the fabric to the cookie sheet! I got some ribbon and threaded it through the holes and there you go! A brand new magnet board!

I'm completely obsessed with how it turned out! It's going to be perfect for my dorm room when I move in in August! And it only cost around $2.50 to make this! Can you believe it?? I saw someone on Etsy selling these for $26!!! Haha, she sure is making a ton of money off of these things when they don't even cost $3 dollars to make! But you should seriously considering trying to make it yourself! It's cheap, fun, and completely adorable! I'll be are to share the other ones I make when I get around to it :)


  1. Oh, mod poge, modpoge, how I loveyou. I search for you high and low, but you hide from me! Where can you be? What must I do? Oh, how I need you...

    Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting me!

  2. I made a magnetic makeup board and it turned out really cute. BUT I think I like this ideal so much better! Great job you did on it!
    I so love pintrest!
    Have enjoyed your blog

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