Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Summer Secret Swap

I was SO excited to be a part of Jacinta's Sweet Summer Secret Swap from My Beauty Boxes because not only to I love getting presents, but I love giving presents as well! And this swap allowed me to give a gift to a fellow blogger and receive a surprise as well! I sent a package over to Antonette over at Hello Sunshine Photography and I really hope she likes what I picked out for her! What I'm really excited to share with you, though, is the absolutely AMAZING gift I received from Kelly from The No Drama Mama


I opened the package up to find pink tissue paper, which I had mentioned was my favorite color, so I knew it was going to be amazing! Then I found this adorable card on top...

And realized it was the gift from the Sweet Summer Secret Swap and that Kelly had gotten me! And the package got even better!

First, and probably the thing I was most excited about, were the cat eye sunglasses! Kelly had put the pink rhinestones on herself and they are absolutely amazing! Seriously, I'm pretty sure I drooled when I pulled these out because I had recently posted about dying to own a pair of cat eye sunglasses. And now I do! And they have pink on them! They're perfect :)

Then there were pink sparkly hearts that are perfect for crafting whenever I feel a little inspired..which tends to be all the time! They're pink, sparkly, and pretty freaking adorable! So excited to be able to use these on future projects! 

Next was a coloring book with a note on it that said "4 #47 on ur to-do list" which made me so happy! Number 47 is to complete an entire coloring book and I actually don't have one, so this is PERFECT for me! I can't wait to start coloring and cross another thing off of my to-do list :)

Last, but most certainly not least, is this gorgeous yarn! It is super soft and is pink and white and I love it! I have a slight obsession with yarn, so adding a new skein to my collection is always exciting for me! I'm excited to see what I can make out of this because it's so fun and exactly the kind of yarn I look for to make new projects out of! 

So basically Kelly is amazing. No seriously, she could not have gotten me a more perfect gift. She took everything I mentioned I loved and even checked out my blog to decide what to get me and I couldn't be any happier! So I want to thank Kelly SO MUCH for being such an amazing gift-giver! I hope whoever got you made you as happy as you made me :) And now I'm off to do some coloring....in my new sunglasses :)


  1. I'm SEW glad you liked it! :)
    This was so much fun and I almost kept those little pink hearts myself...Love them!
    You're last comment about coloring in your sunglasses had me giggling for a good few minutes!

  2. Those sunglasses are amazing! I am so glad you liked everything. She did a great job! Thanks so much for participating and linking up!

    My Beauty Boxes

  3. I love all of the treats that you got! I participated in the exchange too! I LOVE your blog design! :)

    Apples and ABC's

  4. Those sunglasses are stunning! I've been a little inspired, and may have to get sticking some rhinestones onto cate's eye sunglasses for myself too! :)

    Melissa @ Melicious


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