Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas In July Link-up!

I was so excited to be a part of Christmas In July, hosted by Dearest LouEveryday Is A New Adventure, and Roots, Wings, and Other Things! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and who doesn't like receiving a Christmas present in July? So here's all I got!

First, I got a note on the cards I had gotten my partner explaining each and every item she had sent me! 

Next up was a cozy with an adorable pun on it! I'm obsessed with puns (if you couldn't tell from my blog title, which Twiggy had realized..) so this is super cute!

I had said that I loved sunglasses, so she sent me huge glasses!

These candies were definitely the best part! They were so yummy and I already finished them all :)

Ribbon and stickers for crafts!

Yarn because I had said that I love to knit! 

A tricky worm and fortune puzzle just for fun!

This sure was a fun box! Thanks so much Twiggy for the Christmas gift! And thanks to the hosts for hosting such a fun swap!


  1. This package looks like it was so much fun! I love how she incorporated your love of crafts.

  2. Nice! I love that cozy! haha so funny!

  3. What a fun package! That coozy is great!! Thanks for participating and linking up1

  4. Those strawberry candies are the best, they're the ones with the gooey center, right? I love those.

    I also love the cozy, so many of them don't appeal to me, because they're sports related, or phrases I don't like, but that one is cute.

    Follow me #3 - smadronia

  5. Oh my gosh I used to love those tricky worms. It looks like you got a fun partner. Enjoy!


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