Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy [belated] Fourth of July!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had as awesome as an Independence Day as I had! Sadly, I had to work from 12-8, but that still left time for the usual Fourth of July festivities! Before I had to leave, my family had a cookout and enjoy a delicious lunch together! Then, I wore my red heart sunglasses to work that matched my red, white, and blue nails. When I got home from work, the rest of my family and I watched Independence Day (a fourth of July tradition) while I crocheted a red and blue octopus. I can't get enough of these octopuses, so I decided to make one to celebrate our country! Haha, so it was quite a nice holiday. Sadly, I didn't see any fireworks this year, but I did hear a ton while we were watching the movie! Glad to know some people were celebrating this holiday right! What did you all do? I hope your Fourth of July was as festive as mine :)

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