Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Craft Corner: Knitted Button Bag

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! Today, I have yet another project I recently finished to share with you! I found this adorable button bag and knew that I had to make it! I ended up using a little bit thicker yarn than the pattern called for, so the bag came out slightly larger, but I still love it! This one was really easy to follow and perfect to store my buttons in! 

My favorite part of this pattern was the eye-cord drawstring touch where I created holes in the top of the bag as I was knitting to thread the string through! And I'm so obsessed with the colors I chose! This didn't take that much yarn, so I had these colors left over and thought they'd look good together! Isn't it just perfect? Haha, I'm so happy to be adding this to my craft organization! A simple project that couldn't have gone any better :)


  1. Awww your blog is cute. Love your header! I've added you to google reader :)



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