Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Oh my gosh, it's Friday! And I have Saturday off! Again! And I'm just super happy right now :) haha, I don't know why...but it's been a good day :) Here's what's been fabulous to me this week! 

1) This is such a cute idea! Using an old doorknob on wood to hang necklaces! 

2) I'm so obsessed with lace right now, so when I saw this dress I wanted it so bad!!! The buttons down the front are so adorable too! 

3) I've been on a baking kick this summer so when I came across these cookie cutters I thought they were so perfect! I need to find fun cookie cutters to use when I make yummy cookies! 

4) Mmmmm I could seriously eat cereal or every meal if I could! 

5) This is so freaking cute!! I have to find out where to get one of these whale tissue boxes! 

6) Christmas sweaters in July :)

7) This is so perfect for me! A little oreo holder for your milk mug :)

8) A moustache man purse!! I have been obsessed with anything that has mustaches on it, so of course I  fell in love with this purse the moment I saw it!! 

9) Kittens!!! With a pun!! On a shirt!! Why do I not own this yet??? 

10) Aren't these iPhone cases adorable? I love all of the colors and designs on them! And I just got an iPhone! So I'm definitely keeping my eye out for cute cases :) 

And that's everything from me this Friday! I found so many amazing things this week that I still can't get over how awesome they are. Hopefully next week can be as awesome and inspiring as this one! If you haven't noticed, I had a lot of craft inspiration this week and I have even more in store for next week! So make sure to stop by and see what else is new in the craft corner :)


  1. That tissue box is SO COOL!! =D I want one, too!

    Your blog is also very lovely, I became a reader :)

    from Follow Me #3 -swap

  2. I like your Friday favourites. Will be checking out some more of your past ones.
    JustIngrid - Follow Me #3

  3. Where can I find the cup with the cookie holder?

  4. Desperatly want to buy the cookie cup holder. Where? Tried googling. Can't find anywhere ?
    Pleaseeeee help!!!

  5. Desperatly want to buy the cookie cup holder. Where? Tried googling. Can't find anywhere ?
    Pleaseeeee help!!!

  6. I'm also seeking that Oreo Mug; where can I find one????

  7. same here for the oreo mug...closest thing i found was one someone made and sold on etsy but they don't have any more...

    would love to get one for my cousin!

  8. I'm so sorry, but this was so long ago that I can't remember where I found it...the only place I can find a similar one was on easy, but that's already sold (

  9. Dang! I've been looking for it too.... guess I have to buy plan B... if anyone is interested... white mug with a decent sized attached caddy at


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