Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obsession // Sunglasses

So I've get yet another obsession of mine to share with you guys. Yes, I know I'm obsessed with way too many things, but I can't help it! Then next obsession? Sunglasses!! So far, I have 16 pairs (I just realized my pink ray bans aren't in this picture! How could I forget them??) of sunglasses! I love each and every pair individually and can't get enough of how awesome they all are. 

I know, I have way too many pairs of ray bans (eight) but I love that style and there are just so many color possibilities! The newest ones in my collection are the heart sunglasses and the cat-eye ones with pink rhinestones. I was inspired to get them from some of the blogs I follow because I would drool every time I saw their pairs in a picture. So I got the red heart ones for only $2 on ebay! Then, the cat-eye ones were a gift from my Secret Summer Swap partner and I'm so obsessed with them! Haha, they're perfect for me :)

These four are my absolute favorite pairs and I normally switch out between these four the most. Haha, if you haven't noticed, a majority of them are pink because that's just my color :) Every time I see a new pair of sunglasses, I itch to buy them and add them to my collection. The only thing I hate about winter is that I can't wear my sunglasses and that I have to what until the sun comes out again to wear them! But seeing as it's summer, I can wear them as much as I want! And trust me, I wear my beauties as often as I can :)


  1. ohh I like your sunglasses so much.. Well I have few but have more than me..:))
    All best wishes...:))

  2. Your collection is fab. I am lusting after these now :)


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