Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Time :)

That's right, I'm heading to the beach!!! I'm so excited to finally be going on vacation and getting a week long break from work. Packing was so hard because there were so many things I thought I would need at some point during the trip, but it finally all fit! Woo hoo! But I'm leaving at 4:30 in I know it's going to be a very long day! But only a 12 hour car ride stands between me and the beautiful beach :)

In my duffel, I've made sure to add tons of tanks, 4 pairs of shoes, 7 books, 3 swimsuits, and 3 pairs of fabulous sunglasses :) And then tons of other stuff that I'll probably never need but you can never be sure! Ahhh I'm so excited for this trip! And I absolutely love car rides, so I won't even mind the 12 hours in a car with five other people (my family and brother's girlfriend). The sadest part, though, was leaving my dog behind :(

I'm going to miss my little puppy so much! We dropped her off at the kennel today and I won't see her for another TEN DAYS! I don't know how I'll survive, but at least I'll have the beach to distract me! 

But enough about depressing thoughts! I'm going to have the wide-open ocean, the sand, and the sun to relax in! I'll be sure to update everyone with lots of pictures! I've been waiting all summer for this day and I'm so excited it's finally here! Well, see you at the beach :)

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