Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday! Woo hoo! And you know what?? I have tomorrow off!!! It's my first weekend off since I've starting working (so in two months) and I'm so excited to be able to have a day to spend with my family! So it's actually going to feel like Friday today :) Here's what's caught my eye this week!

1) I love pretty food, and you can't get any prettier than these sandwiches :)

2) Hahaha I love dancing stormtroopers :)

3) Isn't this chair adorable?? I love the colors and the cute little cherries!

4) I so want this to be like my wedding. White christmas lights everywhere would be so precious...

5) I HAVE to figure out where this is! I love big sweaters and these colors are just gorgeous!

6) I. Need. These. Shoes. They're so freaking awesome! 

7) Haha, story of my life :)

8) Aren't these so cool? They just seem so magical and make me want to travel the world!

9) Awww by far the cutest love story ever. That's why I feel like crying every time I watch Up!

10) Cute kitty cuddling with a teddy bear :) Can you get any more adorable??

And that's it for me! Hopefully my weekend is going to be as awesome as I think it will be! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend too :)

1 comment:

  1. D'awww kitty!

    But seriously, who DOESN'T cry at Up?!? It's so stinking cute! Also, those sandwiches? Adorable. Now if I can get my grubby paws on some cutters...


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