Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craft Corner: Handmade Postcards

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a couple of days since I've written...I worked practically all day on Sunday (it was a long day) and I worked again yesterday and just didn't get around to writing. But I'm back! And I have a fun craft that I've been working on to share with you!

I recently joined this website called swap-bot where you sign up for different swaps with people from around the world. My favorites by far are the postcard swaps and I decided to try making my own to send to them! I found pictures online through google images, then I copy and pasted the picture into Microsoft Powerpoint. Then, I set the dimensions to close to postcard size, which is about 4" x 6". Once I had my pictures, I printed them out on card stock and cut them out. Then, I cut another piece of card stock the same size and glued that to the back of the picture. I did this because I thought one piece was too flimsy and would easily bend in the mail. Once the glue dries, I wrote my message on the back, put a post card stamp on the back and put it in the mail! 

I really loved making my own postcard because it was super cheap and I got to choose whatever picture my little heart desired! And it was so easy! I'm definitely making more of my own postcards in the future! And I really want to try my hand a making my own cards too! Who knows, maybe that'll be the next Craft Corner post :) Keep your eyes out and hope you enjoyed my homemade post cards! 

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