Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Time :)

That's right, I'm heading to the beach!!! I'm so excited to finally be going on vacation and getting a week long break from work. Packing was so hard because there were so many things I thought I would need at some point during the trip, but it finally all fit! Woo hoo! But I'm leaving at 4:30 in I know it's going to be a very long day! But only a 12 hour car ride stands between me and the beautiful beach :)

In my duffel, I've made sure to add tons of tanks, 4 pairs of shoes, 7 books, 3 swimsuits, and 3 pairs of fabulous sunglasses :) And then tons of other stuff that I'll probably never need but you can never be sure! Ahhh I'm so excited for this trip! And I absolutely love car rides, so I won't even mind the 12 hours in a car with five other people (my family and brother's girlfriend). The sadest part, though, was leaving my dog behind :(

I'm going to miss my little puppy so much! We dropped her off at the kennel today and I won't see her for another TEN DAYS! I don't know how I'll survive, but at least I'll have the beach to distract me! 

But enough about depressing thoughts! I'm going to have the wide-open ocean, the sand, and the sun to relax in! I'll be sure to update everyone with lots of pictures! I've been waiting all summer for this day and I'm so excited it's finally here! Well, see you at the beach :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Wow, I completely forgot it was Friday until like an hour ago. I know, where have I been?? Well, I'll tell you! I've been packing for my vacation that I leave for tomorrow!!! But I'll tell you all about that when I get there :) Here are my favorites from this week!

1) These Oreos not only look delicious, but they look so pretty too!! I absolutely love those colors!

2) Awwwww isn't this mug so cute?? I want it so bad!

3) I have been so obsessed with rings lately, and this Lion King ring would be the perfect addition to my collection! 

4) Mmmmmm doesn't this look so good? Anything with bananas and chocolate has my name written all over it!

5) These fairytale covers are so pretty! I love having pretty books, so I need to get my hands on these to add to my bookshelves :)

6) Aren't these nails so cute? It's so amazing what people can create on nails! 

7) This iPhone case is such a cute idea! It's so colorful and no one else would have it because it's created especially by you :)

8) I want to have this pink hair so bad!! Maybe sometime when school starts I'll try it out!

9) Ahhh back to the good old Zenon days!! I so want this picture for my room!

10) Isn't this dress so adorable? I love the simple colors and the big bow belt! 

And that's everything that's caught my eye this week! Next week will probably be full of beach and sun because that's going to be my life for seven days and I absolutely cannot wait :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas In July Link-up!

I was so excited to be a part of Christmas In July, hosted by Dearest LouEveryday Is A New Adventure, and Roots, Wings, and Other Things! Christmas is my favorite holiday, and who doesn't like receiving a Christmas present in July? So here's all I got!

First, I got a note on the cards I had gotten my partner explaining each and every item she had sent me! 

Next up was a cozy with an adorable pun on it! I'm obsessed with puns (if you couldn't tell from my blog title, which Twiggy had realized..) so this is super cute!

I had said that I loved sunglasses, so she sent me huge glasses!

These candies were definitely the best part! They were so yummy and I already finished them all :)

Ribbon and stickers for crafts!

Yarn because I had said that I love to knit! 

A tricky worm and fortune puzzle just for fun!

This sure was a fun box! Thanks so much Twiggy for the Christmas gift! And thanks to the hosts for hosting such a fun swap!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Craft Corner: Handmade Postcards

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a couple of days since I've written...I worked practically all day on Sunday (it was a long day) and I worked again yesterday and just didn't get around to writing. But I'm back! And I have a fun craft that I've been working on to share with you!

I recently joined this website called swap-bot where you sign up for different swaps with people from around the world. My favorites by far are the postcard swaps and I decided to try making my own to send to them! I found pictures online through google images, then I copy and pasted the picture into Microsoft Powerpoint. Then, I set the dimensions to close to postcard size, which is about 4" x 6". Once I had my pictures, I printed them out on card stock and cut them out. Then, I cut another piece of card stock the same size and glued that to the back of the picture. I did this because I thought one piece was too flimsy and would easily bend in the mail. Once the glue dries, I wrote my message on the back, put a post card stamp on the back and put it in the mail! 

I really loved making my own postcard because it was super cheap and I got to choose whatever picture my little heart desired! And it was so easy! I'm definitely making more of my own postcards in the future! And I really want to try my hand a making my own cards too! Who knows, maybe that'll be the next Craft Corner post :) Keep your eyes out and hope you enjoyed my homemade post cards! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Cleaning

So I kinda missed Spring Cleaning. By a lot. My room has been a mess ever since I've started working and I finally had time to organize it! My desk looks 10 times better than it did this morning and I finally organized stuff the way I've wanted to! 

1) My stuff is finally off my scattered desks and into their assigned places. College/pen pal things go in the top two drawers of my little organizer, then pens/pencils go in the bottom. I got rid of two of the three pencil cups on my desk by moving them all today. Yay for declutering! 

2) My room even smells yummy now! These candles were on sale at Bath and Body Works for only $1, so of course I had to pick some up. S'mores is by far my favorite scent :)

3) All of my yarn is organized! Before, I had some strewn about and in a million different bags, but I finally cleared out space beneath my desk to put my bin and basket of yarn. I love it being here because it's not sticking out in my room and I can fit my yarn there! 

4) I have books EVERYWHERE so it was really hard to keep up which books I had to review for my other blog. Since I got rid of the two pencil cups, which kids had taken up a lot of room, I had space to stack up my review books! So now I have them right in front of me on my desk, reminding me that I have to read them all! Haha, nothing like a little motivation to help me get things done this summer :)

And that's basically all I've been doing today! I absolutely love the feeling of my room being clean, so I'm so happy I was finally able to get all of the clutter out of my room! It's not perfect yet, but I know I can finish up the last bit as soon as I'm done with this post! So now I'm off to clean again! Who knew I'd be so happy about it? Hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your weekend :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday! Woo hoo! And I've got a bunch of awesome stuff to share with you today :)

1) This retro button necklace is so cute, yet so easy to make! I'm going to have to try to make one myself once I have enough buttons :)

2) I've been seeing creative canvases all over the place lately, and this hope one is probably one of my favorites! 

3) Mmmm I've been craving chocolate so much lately, so when I saw this S'mores Snack Mix from Cookies and Cups, my mouth started to water! It's so easy to make and only has three ingredients! I have to make this soon! 

4) Glad I know I'm not alone in this feeling...

5) Awwww look how cute this kitty is!! Haha, I want one so bad :(

6) This image is so true! And should inspire everyone to never give up!

7) I LOVE these floral print shoes. I have to find a pair to add to my shoe collection :)

8) Moustaches! Need I say more??

9) The Seven Dwarves all in one ring! That is probably the cutest piece of jewelry I've ever seen! 

10) I want to go here so bad some day. Just to be able to see the Eiffel Tower would be so magical! Someday soon hopefully! 

And that's what's been on my mind this Friday... hope you guys all have a great day :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's Stitch [July 19]

So today was my day off and I thought I'd share with you all what's been going on with me! I feel like summer is just flying by and I only have 29 days until I go back to school! Isn't that crazy?? I'm so excited to be able to see all of my Miami friends again, but it'll be so weird being away from my sister again! 

But anyways, enough talk about what's a month away. Here's what's been going on with me today (which was my day off!)

1. I still don't know what color to paint my nails! I'm thinking of doing watermelon nails form the tutorial Meredith posted on her blog! They're so cute and I love watermelons, so why not try them out for myself? 

2. I love anything to do with Shakespeare (Shakespeare In Love, Falling for Hamlet, and all that good stuff) and right now I'm reading Falling for Shakespeare! It's so good and it's about a girl who has to go back in time and show Shakespeare the romance he writes about in his future plays! Doesn't it sound so good?? 

3. I got Pei Wei for lunch, which is my absolute favorite chinese (well, asian I think is what it technically is...) and I got that cute fortune! I love music, so it fits me so well :)

4. Mmmm my Christmas In July present came this week and in it was these super delicious strawberry candies. I completely forgot how delicious they were and I can't stop eating them! I'm pretty sure I've gone through half the bag in like two days. Haha, I can't help that they're so good!

And that's what's been up with me! I got to go shopping too and see Mirror, Mirror with my sister and best friend. While the movie was just okay, I definitely had a successful shopping trip to Forever 21! My wardrobe is so ready for school that I can't wait to wow everyone with my awesome fashion sense :) haha, I'm just kidding...but I am really excited to be able to show off the new additions while I'm at school! As for now, I'm going to enjoy what I have left of my long, hot summer :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obsession // Sunglasses

So I've get yet another obsession of mine to share with you guys. Yes, I know I'm obsessed with way too many things, but I can't help it! Then next obsession? Sunglasses!! So far, I have 16 pairs (I just realized my pink ray bans aren't in this picture! How could I forget them??) of sunglasses! I love each and every pair individually and can't get enough of how awesome they all are. 

I know, I have way too many pairs of ray bans (eight) but I love that style and there are just so many color possibilities! The newest ones in my collection are the heart sunglasses and the cat-eye ones with pink rhinestones. I was inspired to get them from some of the blogs I follow because I would drool every time I saw their pairs in a picture. So I got the red heart ones for only $2 on ebay! Then, the cat-eye ones were a gift from my Secret Summer Swap partner and I'm so obsessed with them! Haha, they're perfect for me :)

These four are my absolute favorite pairs and I normally switch out between these four the most. Haha, if you haven't noticed, a majority of them are pink because that's just my color :) Every time I see a new pair of sunglasses, I itch to buy them and add them to my collection. The only thing I hate about winter is that I can't wear my sunglasses and that I have to what until the sun comes out again to wear them! But seeing as it's summer, I can wear them as much as I want! And trust me, I wear my beauties as often as I can :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Craft Corner: Knitted Button Bag

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday! Today, I have yet another project I recently finished to share with you! I found this adorable button bag and knew that I had to make it! I ended up using a little bit thicker yarn than the pattern called for, so the bag came out slightly larger, but I still love it! This one was really easy to follow and perfect to store my buttons in! 

My favorite part of this pattern was the eye-cord drawstring touch where I created holes in the top of the bag as I was knitting to thread the string through! And I'm so obsessed with the colors I chose! This didn't take that much yarn, so I had these colors left over and thought they'd look good together! Isn't it just perfect? Haha, I'm so happy to be adding this to my craft organization! A simple project that couldn't have gone any better :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Craft Corner: Bottle Cap Magnets

So I was cleaning up my room and I decided it was finally time to get rid of these 4 bottles I had sitting on one of my shelves. Before throwing them away, though, I decided I wanted to keep the caps and see what I could make out of them. That day at work, a bunch of magnets were just lying there because they were from broken magnets that we had to throw away. I got the idea to make the bottle caps into magnets, so I took them home and decided to see if it would work out! And you know what? It so totally did! I took the magnets, put some glue on them, stuck them to the back of the bottle caps, and let them dry over night! Here's how they turned out...

Aren't they so pretty?? I love them! They're perfect for my cookie sheet magnet board that I made this past week. Ahhh I've been loving everything I've been making this week! It's like I get into these creativity streaks where I can't stop making things! So sorry if the blog has been overrun by Craft Corner posts, but I just get so excited that I can't wait to share everything I make with the world! And now I can't wait to see what I can make next after such a success with my bottle cap magnets :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Oh my gosh, it's Friday! And I have Saturday off! Again! And I'm just super happy right now :) haha, I don't know why...but it's been a good day :) Here's what's been fabulous to me this week! 

1) This is such a cute idea! Using an old doorknob on wood to hang necklaces! 

2) I'm so obsessed with lace right now, so when I saw this dress I wanted it so bad!!! The buttons down the front are so adorable too! 

3) I've been on a baking kick this summer so when I came across these cookie cutters I thought they were so perfect! I need to find fun cookie cutters to use when I make yummy cookies! 

4) Mmmmm I could seriously eat cereal or every meal if I could! 

5) This is so freaking cute!! I have to find out where to get one of these whale tissue boxes! 

6) Christmas sweaters in July :)

7) This is so perfect for me! A little oreo holder for your milk mug :)

8) A moustache man purse!! I have been obsessed with anything that has mustaches on it, so of course I  fell in love with this purse the moment I saw it!! 

9) Kittens!!! With a pun!! On a shirt!! Why do I not own this yet??? 

10) Aren't these iPhone cases adorable? I love all of the colors and designs on them! And I just got an iPhone! So I'm definitely keeping my eye out for cute cases :) 

And that's everything from me this Friday! I found so many amazing things this week that I still can't get over how awesome they are. Hopefully next week can be as awesome and inspiring as this one! If you haven't noticed, I had a lot of craft inspiration this week and I have even more in store for next week! So make sure to stop by and see what else is new in the craft corner :)

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