Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Favorites

I know I've been MIA for a week. But I've been on vacation! I was really excited because our condo has WiFi, but I spent so much time at the beach or somewhere else with my family that I just didn't have the time I thought I would to sit down and write anything. And, the WiFi was so spotty that I couldn't be on it for more than five minutes before it checked out for a couple of minutes. So needless to say I was really annoyed and just didn't have it in me to stay in and try to get this to work when I had the beautiful beach waiting for me right outside my window. But I'm back home tomorrow! So I should be back to my normal schedule! In the meantime, here are things I've been loving this Friday :)

1) Ryan Lochte is my hero. Like seriously, I wish I could marry him. And mmmm that smile :)

2) I want this hair! It looks so good on brown hair that I think I could probably pull this off! 

3) This bookcase is so awesome! I need this for my house someday...

4) I LOVE Zooey's style! It's so adorable and I just wish I could raid her closet. 

5) Hahaha this is totally my motto :)

6) This chair is so cute! I love the patchwork pattern and colors! 

7) Oh my gosh, I NEED these tights! I love the little bows on them! 

8) Tehe, aren't these panda cupcakes so cute?? I want to try an make them so bad! 

9) I would die if I had all of these shoes! I would probably cry from being so happy!

10) It was a full moon yesterday and it was SO pretty over the ocean. And I love this song :)

And that's all from me! I'm so sad my vacation is already over (not to mention my birthday, which was on Wednesday). Summer is flying by and I go back to school in two weeks! Ahhh it's so close! Well, I better get going because I have a looooonnnggg 12 hour drive back home tomorrow! Hope you guys all have a fantastic weekend :)

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  1. I want that hair too. Purple is my favorite colour


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