Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday's Favorites

I know, I know. I suck. I'm SO sorry I haven't been posting at all this past week, but I promise this is going to change! I'm finally getting organized and I updated my calendar, so I have everything scheduled out that I want to accomplish on the blog. Hopefully I stick to my schedule! Here's what I've found for today to share with you all :)

1) How cute are these polka dot jeans? I didn't even know you could do that! I so want a pair to wear in the cool autumn weather I'm looking forward to :)

2) I LOVE these sunglasses so much! Not only is the shape perfect, but the little flowers on the edges are just too cute! 

3) I have been seriously craving sweets lately, and I couldn't help but squeal when I found these adorable owl cookies. I love the colors and they look so darn cute! It would be hard to eat them, but we all know I would....

4) This Snow White laptop sticker is just too cute! I definitely need to find one of these to personalize my own Macbook!

5) I love animal jewelry, so I fell in love with this elephant bracelet when I saw it. The colors are so perfect and the little elephant is just too cute!

6) How cool is this sunflower cupcake? Oreos always make everything better, so putting them on top of a cupcake is genius! Add in the little yellow icing pedals and you get an adorable sunflower cupcake that's bound to brighten any day :)

7) This octopus earring is kinda creepy but super cool at the same time! I love nautical animals, so having an octopus look like it's crawling up my ear would be so cool! 

8) Just look at these cheetah print Vans! Are they not perfect? I'm definitely going to need to find myself a pair to add to my shoe collection! 

9) This candy heart keyboard cover is SO COOL! I love having a keyboard cover (mine's purple at the moment), but I had no idea they made one in the shape of candy hearts! I seriously have to find where this one is from so I can get one for myself! 

10) Any Up! reference makes me so happy, so when I saw these cupcake Up! balloons I couldn't help but smile. Aren't they just super sweet? The colors are so pretty and I just love the whole look of it. This would be perfect to make for a friend's birthday or a movie night! 

And that's what's made me smile this week :) I swear I'm going to be more active in the following weeks! I'll update you on more of my adventures in the kitchen, school, and life as a college student! Make sure you stop by later this week for more fun posts! In the meantime, hope you guys all have a happy Friday and fantastic weekend :)

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