Monday, August 13, 2012

Instagram Weekend


1) My puppy is so adorable! She's been hanging around my room more lately and it makes me so sad that I'm going to be leaving her soon :(

2) I got an adorable new case for my iPhone! It's a pink turtle! Haha, I'm completely obsessed with it now and it was only $3 on Amazon!

3) I got new shoes too! I love the colors and pattern of them so much! They were definitely a great find :)

4) I've been thinking a lot about studying abroad for an entire semester in Luxembourg during my Junior year. We'll see if it actually happens!

5) I finally finished my knitted pillow case! Woo hoo! It only took a month ;)

6) And the packing for college begins! The hardest part is deciding what clothes and shoes I can bring to school! Our room is really tiny, so we'll see how much I can fit! 

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