Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday! My first week of classes was awesome, but I'm ready for the weekend! Lots of club things going on, so I'm excited to finally get back into full swing of being back at school! Here's what's caught my eye this week :)

1) They're Eiffel Tower scissors! How cute are they? I would love to add a pair of these to my knitting bag! 

2) This light switch cover is just too cute. The quote is absolutely perfect and it's from Harry Potter! I need to get one of these! 

3) This Disney cake is so amazing. I love how each layer is a different disney movie! I couldn't imagine how long this took, but the end result is definitely worth it! I mean, look how amazing it looks! 

4) Yes!! This movie is going to be so amazing and I can't wait for it to come out! I read the book and completely love it, so I know the movie is going to be just as good!

5) Mmmmmm these oreo brownies look to die for. I'm drooling just looking at them! 

6) A yarn bombed telephone booth! Isn't that so cool? I want to yarn bomb something so bad, so maybe I'll be able to plan something for this year :) 

7) I love lace so much this year, so these shoes are definitely something I would love to find in my wardrobe sometime soon! 

8) I squealed out loud when I saw this Chip tea cup! He is so so adorable and I didn't even think of owning an actual tea cup of him! I'm going to have to find one of these ASAP! 

9) I LOVE fun animal rings, so this kitty ring definitely has to find it's way into my collection sometime soon! 

10) Owls are kind of an obsession of mine, so when I saw these owl friendship necklaces I got super excited! I really want to find one and give it to my sister so that she knows I'm always there for her, even though we're four hours apart now :)

Wow, this is seriously an awesome Friday! I can't believe the cute and fun things I found this week! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I'll talk to you later :)

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