Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's Friday!!! And you know what?? Yesterday was my last day of work for the summer! And now I only have a week left until I move into my dorm! Ahhh this summer went by so fast and it's so sad, yet exciting because I'm going back to school! Anyways, here is what's caught my eye in the last days of summer! 

1) These Aristocrat shirts are so adorable! I need one in my wardrobe now!

2) Moustache nails! How awesome are these?? I really need to try them out soon! 

3) I love owls so much, so I think this suitcase is so cute! It looks like they used duct tape to make the design, which is so smart! And it looks adorable :)

4) R2D2 toms! I find more and more toms that are so perfect for me that I really need to get myself a pair soon!

5) These animal nails are just too cute for words! Haha, I would pick a favorite one but I love each animal so much!! 

6) Look at these Harry Potter shoes! Are they awesome or what??

7) How perfect are these Disney aprons? As much baking as I've been doing, I would absolutely love to have one of these! Maybe I'll figure out how to make my own :)

8) This whale canvas is so cute! I love how they used different colors going up! It's so perfect for the summer! 

9) More Superhero sweatshirts! I really need to get one because not only are they just plain awesome, they look super comfy too! 

10) I want this Little Mermaid shirt so bad! I wonder if this is in the Disney store, because if it is I really need to go there! I would probably end up buying the entire store :)

And that's everything I couldn't get out of my head this summer! Hope you all enjoyed it and have a fantastic Friday :)

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