Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School!

So I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I've been lagging on the blog. Like a lot. And I'm super super sorry about that. I know that there are a lot of you who don't even read this, but I love blogging, so it's been really sad that I haven't had time to write. But I have a really good excuse for the past couple of days....I moved into college!!! It's my second year here, so I'm rooming with one of my really good friends and our room is so awesome!

I had so much stuff that I packed to bring that it was a super tight fit in the car. But thankfully it all fit! I had it loaded and ready to head back to Oxford early yesterday morning. I love my family so much, so it was so sad when my room was all packed away and they were ready to say goodbye. The past three months were such a nice break that I completely forgot what it was like to live without them. I wish I wasn't so far away, but I've made such a great home in Oxford that I couldn't imagine my life without it either! Hopefully I can still see my family enough over breaks so that I don't miss them too badly! 

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I was worried that it would be super small and we wouldn't have any room at all, but we made it our own and it's so adorable! I have my friends and family all over my walls and desk, so I won't get too home sick. It's the perfect amount of space for us and I couldn't be happier! Now, though, I hope I have a lot more free time to blog and get inspiration for new posts! So make sure you check back for a new and improved me :)

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