Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Favorites

Oh my goodness, I feel like just yesterday it was Monday. Where did the week go?? I don't know, but here's my favorites this lovely Friday :)

1) I love lace clothes right now. Hopefully I can find a cute lace dress that's not super expensive!

2) This picture is adorable. And I love watermelon. I think that justifies it enough :)

3) I love animal jewelry and I found this fox ring on It's so cute!

4) I LOVE these covers for the classic books. I just ordered three from Barnes and Noble yesterday! Can't wait for them to get here!

5) This keyboard cover is so cute! I have a pink one...maybe it's time to change?

6) I LOVE staying organized, so this is a super cute way to list your to-do list for the week! 

7) I want to color my hair! Maybe sometime this summer?

8) I love the colors! When I have my own apartment/house, there's definitely going to be color everywhere :)

9) Haha, Sesame Street fruit and veggie trays? How cute!!!

10) I need to buy some of these! I've been baking so much lately, and these frosting tips make adorable cupcakes!

***All images are from Pinterest or Imgfave***


  1. LOVE the Keyboard and book covers!

    With Love From Hollywood,


    Fashion Addict
    Fashion Addict

  2. I love those books! I have Jane Eyre and the Complete Works of Shakespeare. They're beautiful and not a bad price at all.

    Also, yummm, watermelon! I've been craving watermelon SO much lately...


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