Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Favorites

IT'S FRIDAY!! And that means I get to go home today :) Yay!! Here's what's been rocking my world this week :)

1) Don't these look amazing? I can't stop looking at them and drooling one show yummy they look...

2) I've been wearing my converse more now that it's nice and I can wear them with shorts. <3 All Star

3) Books. Enough said. 

4) I want these so bad!! May the fourth be with you ;)

5) One Direction is seriously on repeat on my iPod. They're amazing!

6) I've had the urge to reread Harry Potter for the LONGEST time and I'm finally going to do it this summer. Seriously, that's like the first thing I'm doing :)

7) The colors of summer <3

8) These sidewalk images are so freaking sweet. Doesn't it look so real???

9) I want this backpack!!! Don't you just love the floral pattern?

10) I've been seeing mustaches everywhere and you know what? They're pretty awesome. I kinda want that shirt! It's so adorable. 

***Images from Pinterest and imgfave***

That's what I'm loving this Friday! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend :)


  1. Ah! this stuff is all GREAT! and TOMS are an amazing idea- that there, girl, is my DREAM internship with TOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You actually have a really cute blog! I am looking forward to you gettin a butt load of followers to share all these cutesy find and ideas with!

    God bless!

  2. oh yea! I am following ya!

    I hope you can follow me back now too ^_^

    God bless

  3. Those cup-cakes and cars are to die for.. I loove the floral print on the bag, I've seen that print on dresses too and its so so lovely. And those cute mustaches are something I am falling in love with!


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