Saturday, November 22, 2014

Modcloth New Arrivals Wishlist

I don't know about you, but all I've been thinking about is shopping lately. With Black Friday and Christmas quickly approaching, all I want to do is buy Christmas presents and shop for myself. Especially when I get emails about all of the amazing deals! Modcloth has been sending me daily emails about their sales and, of course, I always click on the links and end up spending way too much time window shopping online. I mean, there's no way I could possibly buy everything I want from them while still being able to buy all of the Christmas presents I have to! A girl can always dream, though…

Modcloth is always adding new clothes to their store, and I just fell in love with their newest additions when I was browsing their one-day sale today. While none of these are part of that promotion, these were all recently added to their stock and they're gorgeous! So many dresses, tops, and sweaters, and I just want to buy them all! Maybe if I have some leftover money after the holiday season...

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