Tuesday, November 18, 2014

On My Needles: My Go-To Scarf Pattern

Ever since I started knitting almost three years ago exactly (I learned over winter break my freshman year of college), I have made quite a few scarves. There's only one pattern, though, that I keep on going back to and have made five times now, three of which were for myself in different colors. The pattern is just so easy to do and I absolutely love how it turns out in the end. And what scarf is that? The Brioche Infinity Scarf

With Christmas slowly but surely approaching, I've been making a list of the gifts I want to make this year and this scarf is definitely making an appearance. I've already made one in blue for my brother's fiancĂ© and am currently making a red one for my friend to give her friend for her birthday. While it definitely takes hours of knitting time, the stitch is so easy once you get started that you can do it while doing pretty much anything. I even spent about 2 hours knitting in the dark on my van ride home from nationals (darn day lights savings and the sun going away at 6pm) and only had to backtrack twice because I had accidentally dropped a stitch. Other than that, I had no problem working on the scarf and it turned out beautifully! 

Do any of you have your go-to patterns you make whenever you need to make a gift or just something nice for yourself? 

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