Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I Wore // Turquoise and purple

:: Outfit Details ::
Scarf :: Made by yours truly :)
Sweater :: American Eagle
V-neck :: American Eagle
Skirt :: Forever 21
Bracelet :: Pandora

Welcome to my very first What I Wore post! Yay! I wore this outfit yesterday and was so absolutely in love with it that I had to share it with you guys. I'm so sorry for the poor quality, there's only so much you can do in a tiny dorm room! But I tried my best :)

I knew I was going to have a super long day, so I decided that the best way to get through it was by wearing an outfit I wouldn't want to take off at the end of my day. And that definitely means an outfit with fun colors! So I matched my turquoise skirt with my light purple sweater (it's been in the 70s lately. Crazy Ohio weather!). I love how it turned out! If it were colder, like it should be this time of year, I would have definitely added the cowl I just finished that I'm wearing in the last picture. 

I'm wearing my Pandora Bracelets, which I wear literally almost every day. I love those bracelets because I've been collecting charms ever since middle school, so it's a very special bracelet to me! And it matches a ton :) 

It's supposed to be another incredibly nice day today, but it looks like it's dropping down to the 50s this weekend and all next week! Time to wear a dress today for probably the last time without leggings/tights. But that just means sweater/scarf weather is permanently moving in and I absolutely can't wait! 


  1. Best color combo! :) You look lovely! It's been really nice here in Indiana too, but I heard this weekend is going to get cold. Fine by me :) I would rather have a chilly fall! :D

  2. Very cute outfit. It has just gotten cold where I am at, we were in the high 90's in the beginning of October!


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