Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fifty Fun Facts of Me :)

Hey everyone! So I love talking about my life (obviously, or why else would I blog about it?) and I thought it'd be fun to share fifty fun facts about myself! It's kind of like the Fifty Shades of Jessica...without the awful writing and horrifically sexual graphic scenes. Haha, well here it goes...

1. I have a fantastic twin and older sister, Alexis. 
2. I'm obsessed with yarn. Knitting and crocheting are my jam. 
3. Pink is my absolute favorite color. 
4. I've seen every single episode of Friends. Multiple times. 
5. I love watching movies, both old and new. 
6. I'm a bibliophile who owns way too many books. 
7. I'm an English Education major and hope to be a high school English teacher. 
8. I have an English Literature minor as well as a Film Studies minor. 
9. I love sweaters. I could just live in big, comfy sweaters for the rest of my life. 
10. I'm obsessed with Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year :)
11. I played softball all through middle school and high school. 
12. I currently play on my school's Quidditch team. 
13. I also have a book blog called Peace Love Books
14. I am in love with Jon Snow from the HBO show Game of Thrones. 
15. I have a bear named Graham who I knit sweaters for :)
16. Ever since elementary school I've wanted to be a writer. 
17. I was born feet first. 
18. I love any movie with Colin Firth and/or Hugh Grant. 
19. I'd rather stay in and watch a movie than go out and party with every other college student. 
20. I'm super crafty. I have to have a project going on or else I'll go crazy! And I really want to learn how to embroider so that I can make even more super cute crafts for the home :)
21. I love shoes. Like a lot. 
22. I love anything and everything sparkly or shiny. 
23. I ran a half marathon at the beginning of this summer and really want to run one again! 
24. I absolutely love the Tudor time period. I wish I were born in that era...
25. I love looking at vintage things and going to antique shops. 
26. I run three miles at least 5 times a weeks. 
27. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with cupcakes. 
28. I love macarons, though I have never actually made them or eaten them. 
29. I love reading trashy romances late at night. 
30. I wish I could bake every second of every day of my life. 
31. I am the president and founder of the knitting club at my school called The Knotty Knitters. 
32. I am a Sophomore at Miami University (aka the best college ever). 
33. I love foxes. And owls. And kitties. 
34. I would love to be able to live in the 1920s. Flappers are just too cool. 
35. I love collecting new, fun cases for my iPhone. Right now it's an owl :)
36. I worked in the children's gift shop at the zoo this summer. 
37. I love drinking tea with lots of sugar. 
38. I am completely addicted to Diet Coke, but have been trying to cut back because I know pop is super bad for you. Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle is so hard!
39. I love chocolate and can barely go a day without a piece. 
40. I really wish there was a way I could eat and not gain weight. Life would be so much less stressful!
41. My lucky number is 5. 
42. I love Chinese food and hate Mexican food. 
43. Bridget Jones is my hero. 
44. I love listening to Adele and Michael Buble. 
45. I love my family with all my heart and miss them every day we're apart. 
46. I love candles and lotion...anything that makes the room smell good. 
47. I love the smell of coffee but can't stand the taste or jittery feeling I get after having it. 
48. I read the blogs One Sheepish GirlMiss Indie, and Love Elycia every single day. 
49. I have a book of baby names I keep for the favorites include Graham, Tristan, Landon, Ellie, and Annabelle. 
50. Blogging has seriously become my passion and I can't wait to see where it leads me in the future :)

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