Saturday, October 27, 2012

Craft Corner: Glowing Ember Infinity Cowl

With the cold weather finally moving in, I have been obsessed with making more and more cowls and scarves to keep me warm. So I went on Ravelry to find a new pattern to make and found this Glowing Ember Infinity Cowl and loved how it looked! So I printed off the pattern and started knitting away! This one took about three weeks for me to make, but that's because I kept on starting new projects, then coming back to this one. But it's finally done! And just in time for the temperature drop in Ohio :) 

And I love the color of yarn I used for this one! It's a nice, bright color for the season! I used this new yarn (well, new to me) called Bamboo Ewe by Stitch Nation and I actually really like it! I'm definitely going to be using it in the future! It was on clearance at Jo Anns, so this was a super cheap project too! I bet this would cost at least $20 in the store, but it only cost me about $5 to make it :) Yay for knitting!!! And it's exactly the way I want it and I absolutely can't wait to wear it out! There's no better feeling than wearing something you made for the first time and showing it off to the world :) 


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