Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Owl Cupcakes

That's right! I FINALLY made my owl cupcakes and I must say, they're so perfect! I went down to the kitchen in our dorm on Sunday morning set with my box of Devil's Food Cake and a little cup of apple sauce. Since I didn't have eggs, I had to do with what I had! And they turned out awesome! I got the idea for these guys from Pinterest and used the picture from One Charming Party as a guide and pretty much winged the rest! 

Like I said, I didn't have any eggs, so I used applesauce and water to add to the mix and it worked perfectly! I just followed this recipe I found online and they still taste delicious. Those ingredients weren't hard to find in a dorm room at all! 

I used Reduced Fat Oreos to try and make them a little healthier, but that means there wasn't as much cream in the middle so I had to add extra frosting so that the M&Ms could stick to the eyes. All I did was let the cupcakes cool, put frosting on all of them, put frosting on all of the Oreos, put M&Ms on all of the Oreos, put two Oreos next to each other on the cupcake, and then put on a little M&M nose! And viola! My Owls were born! 

 I brought these little cuties to my Knitting Club meeting and they were a hit! Everyone loved them and, like me, still can't get over how adorable they are! I'm definitely making my little Owl Cupcakes again! An easy recipe that creates a super cute cupcake? What more could a girl ask for? 

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  1. Nawww these are so cute - This is basically the best cupcake ever! oreos, m&ms and all the chocolatey goodness anyone could ever want :)

    Love your blog - it is simply adorable.

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights


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