Thursday, September 20, 2012

Delicious Baking Books

I have been on this baking craze lately, but since I don't have a kitchen to bake in, I've had to leave it to these books to quench my baking obsession. I had recently picked these up from Half Price Books and I can't stop flipping through them every chance I get! 

Not only do these books look completely adorable on my shelf, they have amazing recipes in them! There are chocolate recipes, fruity recipes, and even holiday recipes. I have to remind myself not to drool every time I open them because all of the baked goods look SO GOOD! 

My favorite recipes are definitely the cupcakes/muffins that have chocolate in them. Mmmm I wish I could bake cupcakes every single day of my life! It's so sad that I don't have a kitchen to bake in, but next year I will, so I am super excited to bake to my little heart's desire. Until then, I'm definitely going to build up my baking books so that I always have something new to try! Do you guys have any favorite baking books you always turn to? I'd love to hear some suggestions! There's always some new dessert out there that's just dying to feed my sweet tooth :)

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