Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friday's Favorites

It's finally Friday!!! I've been looking forward to this weekend so much because I have so many fun things planned! I know, shocker for me haha. So this weekend should be extra fun and I can't wait to share everything with you guys! But before then, here are some awesome things I've found this week! 

1) Haha, I definitely NEED this toilet in my house! It's so perfect!

2) I always find super cute Toms, but these batman Toms are definitely at the top of the list!

3) This cake is SO PRETTY. I would almost be too afraid to eat it. Almost. Because it looks delicious too! 

4) How sweet are these mustache hangers? I seriously need to find myself some because they would be absolutely perfect in my closet!

5) These chocolate bars are basically my life motto :)

6) This is so true! I'm kind of obsessed with my book collection and show it off every chance I get!

7) I definitely want to try out making this heart ring. It doesn't look hard at all! 

8) How adorable are those heart chocolate chips? I have to figure out if they actually sell them! They would make eating chocolate that much better :)

9) I love these floral shoes. Even though it's changing seasons, I would die if I had these in my closet! And I'd wear them every chance I could! 

10) Mmmm I've been craving some grilled cheese lately, so I definitely started drooling when I saw this picture. Now if I could only find a place on campus that had grilled cheese that looked this good....

And that's it from me! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the start of a fantastic new season! 

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