Monday, April 15, 2013

Journal Embroidery: What Would Jane Austen Do?

More journal embroidery! I have become so obsessed with doing some embroidery in my Jane Austen journal that that's all I pretty much did yesterday. I sat down in front of my computer, turned on Friday Night Lights (the TV show) on Netflix, and worked on my embroidery. I saw this phrase embroidered onto fabric in Dear Moonbeams etsy shop and thought it was the perfect quote for my journal. How could I be using a Jane Austen journal and not do something about Jane Austen? 

Overall, I loved how this page turned out. I was able to practice my letters, which I struggled with on my first journal page. For this one, I also learned how to do the french knot, which I had to use for the j and the question mark. It's actually really easy to do and I love how the knots look in the piece as a whole. 

Needless to say, journal embroidery is so much fun and I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite hobby. I can't wait to fill up my notebook with even more fun pages of pictures and quotes :)

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