Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday's Favorites

Wow, it's Friday already? For some reason this week just seemed to fly by! Maybe that's because next week is my last week of classes as a sophomore in college! Then, one week of exams, one week of summer, and I'm off to London! Wow, everything just seems to be happening so fast. These next 2 months are about to be the best :)

1) Hehe, I would love to have this camera's so punny ;)

2) Mmmmm I could totally go for some donuts right now. That chocolate sprinkle one looks especially delicious. 

3) This DIY paint swatch calendar looks so cool and super easy to do!

4) I'm literally drooling over how delicious these chocolate dipped oreo reese's. I have got to make these sometime soon. 

5) I love these cloud nails. They actually don't look too hard to do, so maybe I'd actually be successful at making them!

6) Oh my gosh, it's a checkerboard cake! That is beyond cool and I finally know how it's done!

7) How cute are these couple mugs? If only I had a boyfriend, the first thing I'd buy would be the milk and cookies mug.

8) A rainbow batman cake! You really can't get much better than that...

9) I love this cloudy blue typewriter. It would be so much fun to be able to write things on a typewriter again. 

10) These leather bracelets are so cute! The one with the pair of scissors is definitely my favorite. 

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