Sunday, April 7, 2013

Owl Dishes and Spring Nail Polish

Have you guys looked outside recently? It's actually starting to look like spring! With the sunshine and warm weather, my mood has lifted 110% and I'm just a happy girl. I participated in a 24-hour scavenger hunt this weekend and it was intense yet totally awesome and I had a blast. I slept a glorius 12 hours last night, but it's time to get some work done this weekend. 

-I have been trying really hard to journal more frequently, but I only get to write about once a week. I plan on writing some today!

-My absolutely amazing sister surprised me when I went home with this super cute owl dish. I am so in love with him! He currently holds all of my bobby pins on my desk :)

-I am in desperate need to paint my nails. Nothing like pastel pink to bring out my spring mood. 

-I am reading this awesome book right now called While We Were Watching Downton Abbey. It's so cute!

-Walgreens had a one-day special where you got 25 prints for free! I'm in charge of senior gifts for Quidditch, so I printed some pictures for them, then added some in for me. I love having hard copy of pictures of my favorite memories. 

-I am so close to finishing the chevron afghan. Hopefully I can get work done on it today!

-More owls! Michael's has a bajillion owl things in their dollar section and I found this adorable notebook that I just couldn't pass up. You can never have too many owls or notebooks!

That's it for me! I'll be soaking up the warm spring sun while just enjoying my life :) Do you guys have anything fun planned today? 

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  1. wow thats great thaty ou're almost done with the afghan. i'm going to start mine soon. so excited.


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