Sunday, April 14, 2013

Craft Corner: Bow Headband

I made this same headband for the first time last year for knitting club and I fell in love with the pattern. I was looking for a cute, easy headband to make for the hospital and knew this was absolutely perfect when I first saw it. I had some pink yarn left over from a hat I had just finished making, so I decided to make another bow headband. The only problem was, though, that I didn't have enough yarn for the bow! Luckily, like every other knitter, I have A TON of yarn, and when I saw this bright blue yarn, I knew it would be the perfect bow for the pink headband. 

This bow headband is so fun and colorful, which is absolutely perfect for this spring weather. I hope some girl will see this at the hospital and fall in love with the colors and style. I love being able to make fun items to donate because I always image they are making someone's day. 

Now I can't wait to make some more items with the bright blue yarn. There are so many possibilities! It's off to Ravelry for me to find the next perfect pattern....

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