Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Journal Embroider: Make Magic Happen

I am so obsessed with my latest page from my embroidery journal! I knew I wanted to do a camera, but I had absolutely no idea how I wanted the camera to look or what quote I wanted to go with it. So, I googled cameras and found this lovely little guide on Pinterest of different types of cameras. I decided to go with the Diana camera and I think it turned out perfectly!

As for the quote, I simply looked up camera quotes on Pinterest (seriously, Pinterest is a life savor) and found a cute print with a camera and the quote "Make Magic Happen." And I got to use the french knot again! Haha, that's becoming my absolute favorite stitch on these embroideries. 

Another page, another success. Now off to think up more ideas on what to do for my next page...

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