Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back to the Classics

As a future English teacher with a minor in English Literature, you could say I love classics. Before coming to college, though, I never realized how many "classics" there actually are! I hadn't even heard of Elizabeth Gaskell or Goerge Eliot in high school (yeah, pretty embarrassing when we talked about George Eliot in class my Sophomore year of college and I thought he was a misogynist who just couldn't deal with the fact that women can write…) 

Anyways, I decided to start the Jane Austen Book Club at my school Spring semester last year in order to have the chance to read classics for fun. Since then, I've read every one of Jane Austen's novels and delved into some other authors that I've fallen in love with. I recently finished North and South and completely adored the novel. Elizabeth Gaskell's writing is so easy to follow and I loved all of the historical components she included revolving around the industrial revolution. 

Right now, I'm reading Wuthering Heights for our meeting tonight. While I read it for AP Lit in high school, reading it for pleasure is such a different experience. This time, I get to focus on the romance instead of all of the politics going on between the families. And boy is it good! I can't stop reading and, even though I know how it's going to end, I'm excited to see exactly how everything plays out. 

I have been absolutely dying to read Jane Eyre and Huckleberry Finn, but never seem to have the opportunity to actually sit down and read them. Do you guys have any favorite classics? Or any classics that you've always wanted to read, but just never did? 

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