Saturday, May 11, 2013

Craft Corner: Basic Baby Hat

I told you I'd make another baby hat, so that's what I did! I decided to try out the Basic Baby Hat pattern I found on ravelry and it was probably one of the easiest projects I've ever done. I finished it up in one day while watching some episodes of Friday Night Lights and a British movie called An Education. It was definitely a great way of relaxing during the stress of finals week. 

Again, I can't get over how adorable baby hats are. They are so tiny and I can just imagine a cute little baby wearing it. Oh I hope whoever gets it has their baby wear it all the time because they'll just be the cutest baby ever. Haha, well, at least when it's cold enough to wear it! 

I can't wait to make another baby hat! I'm glad I found this pattern because I have a really easy, basic pattern to use when I want to make a baby hat. Next time, though, I think I'm going to find a cuter one, maybe with cables. We'll see what I can find!

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