Monday, May 13, 2013

Wardrobe Wishlist: Spring Fling

I am so wishing for the warm weather we had all last week. All of a sudden, Ohio decided it should be 50 degrees after being 70 for so long. This makes me so sad! But to combat the cold weather, I wanted to make a spring outfit that I'd love to wear when it's nice, warm, and sunny. Don't the all of the bright colors just want to make you smile? 

I love floral patterned clothes at this time of year, especially seeing all of the pretty flowers on the ground everywhere. I love seeing the flowers on my runs in the morning because they just seem to brighten the world. Haha, I've missed this weather so much! I'm just glad it's supposed to warm right back up on Wednesday. Maybe then I'll be able to wear some shorts and cute tops without freezing. I can't wait!

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