Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday's Favorites

I'm home! Exams are over! I'm officially a junior in college! It's summer! I get to finally see my sister tomorrow! I leave for London in a week! Haha, I am so beyond happy right now. So many good things are happening at once and I am just sitting here taking it all in. Seriously, how can I be leaving for London in just over a week? I've got some serious work to do! But here are some things I've found lately that have been making this week even better...

1) I absolutely love The Breakfast Club, so this fun fact makes me love it that much more!

2) Hehe, this Snoopy mug is so adorable!

3) Holy cow, how have I never thought of this??? Reese's in Banana Bread? Can you say yum?

4) This purple hair is so pretty! I'd love to dye my hair that color. 

5) Just look at how gosh darn cute Johnny Depp was back in the day...

6) I would love love love to have an adorable pink bike like this one. It'd be so useful to have one on campus!

7) That owl bracelet is just so cute. I love the dark blue cord with the bronze charms. 

8) I would love to have a bookshelf lined wall in my own house one day...

9) A cat sweater! I need this in my wardrobe right now!

10) Awww look how adorable these Finding Nemo cupcakes are. They're almost too cute to eat!

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