Friday, May 3, 2013

Date Night Movies and Summer Bucket Lists

Being the weekend before finals week, I should be studying, right? Ha, no thanks. I only have two finals, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday, and I've already got at least the first draft of the three essays I have to write done. So this weekend is definitely going to be spent relaxing and savoring the last days with my friends before going back home for the summer. Look at me being so efficient with my schoolwork :) Haha, that's pretty much a necessity for me so that I don't stress out too much! Here's what I hope to do this weekend...

-Read my books. So much reading to do! Being Me is the second one in its series and it's so good so far. 

-Plan my summer bucket list. I've decided me and my sister are going to create a bucket list this summer so I hope to come up with some fun ideas to do together. 

-Have a date night with my movies. I won this at an event on campus and I am so excited to watch these movies! I've seen all of them (of course, they're chick flicks. What did you expect?), but I'm thinking I could use a little J-Lo time with The Backup Plan because I adore that movie!

-Do more crafts. Crafts keep me busy and help the time pass, so hopefully I can find a fun knitting or crocheting pattern to do this weekend. 

-Write in my journal. So much is going on that I have barely had time to write in my journal. It makes me so sad! I'm definitely planning on spending some quality time with just me and the blank pages of my notebook. 

That's my weekend! It's the perfect way to stay calm during such a hectic time of college. Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend? 

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  1. My friends and I are making a summer bucket list as this is our last summer together before we all go off to our respective Uni's. I hope this summer is full of happy memories :)Good luck in your finals
    Kate xx


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